Down 40 LBS in 5 months!

weight loss

I’m late with this post.  I shared it on social media yesterday.  I’m down 40lbs in 5 months as of yesterday (actually Saturday). I didn’t do a fad diet or deprived myself (no starving).  I held that extra weight on my body for 3 yrs. I injured my ankles from when I used to workout all the time and I just couldn’t get into a workout routine consistently during those 3 yrs. Honestly, that was an excuse that I was feeding to myself when I look back on it. I worked hard during my workouts. It hasn’t been easy but I push through the struggle. The struggle is real. Even though eating healthy is not new to me, I still struggle with sweets. Now, I’m able to treat myself with sweets here & there without falling off the wagon lol. Some days I dread working out but I do it anyway & feel better afterwards. I got to give a big s/o to my husband because he made it possible for me to have time to connect back with God & to focus and conduct research on what to put in my body naturally (you will be surprise of how herbs, fruits, veggies, etc help the body) and how to properly exercise with ankle problems and how to reduce the chances of re injuring them. Even though I’m not a newbie to this lifestyle, I’m learning so much on this journey. I’m ready to learn more. It’s not all about the pounds falling off but that I love my body enough to take care of it. I’m constantly in learning mode.