In order to succeed, planning is necessary

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”–Tony Robbins  


This is the beginning of the month.  I am working on writing down goals I want to accomplish this month.  When I started this journey,  I had no idea that I would want to increase my endurance and strength.  When I used to exercise in the past, I only focused on cardio.  I was so afraid of bulking up that I stayed away from anything that would require me to use my arms.  Last month, I incorporated  exercises that would work my arms.  My arms are gradually decreasing in size.  By conducting research, I finally understand the importance of strength training and how it helps with weight lost.  This month I am striving towards increasing strength training and endurance.  I need to improve on scheduling my workouts routine to help fit with my roles as mother, wife, & entrepreneur. I will continue to plan out my meals.  To make sure that I do not create any unnecessary stressors, I keep my meals simple.  My family meals are healthy but I try to make sure that my meals are considered clean eating.  By writing down workouts’ routine and meals, I am reducing my chances of failure.  I am excited about the actions that I am taking in my life right now.  I am getting closer to a healthier ME.



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