Simple & Healthy Way To Sweeten Water Naturally

simple and healthy way to add taste to water

While on my journey towards a healthier Me, I constantly look for ways that will help me give my body what it needs instead of what I think it wants.  Even though everyone may know how important it is to get the recommended amount of water into the body daily, water can be tasteless and boring sometimes.   Do I still drink plain water? Yes, I do.  When I want something sweet without the artificial sweeteners, I make some infused water.  Infusing water is one way to give water a taste without artificial sweeteners (which is probably not healthy for the body).

This jar of infused water was made by

cutting up a couple of strawberries and one lemon

placing them in a jar of water (make sure to have a top on the jar),and

letting it remain in the refrigerator overnight.

You  can make individual jars or use a jug to make a gallon. You can play around with different fruits. You can adjust it to your liking. This is very simple and easy to do. This does not require a lot of time and it is kid friendly also.

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