How I Enjoyed A Guilt Free Cupcake

How I enjoyed a guilt free chocolate cupcake

how i enjoyed a guilt free chocolate cupcake

I have not had a Chicken Caesar salad in about two months.  For my husband’s birthday on Thursday, we decided to go out to eat on the river walk of San Antonio.  I was so excited when I looked at the menu and saw a Chicken Caesar salad on it.  It made me think of a chocolate cupcake.

My imagination kicked in.  I have no clue what cause this leap into the imaginary world.  I love some chocolate cupcake but I have not had one in a while.  While waiting on my Chicken Caesar salad to arrive, I literally felt like a little kid in a candy store anxiously waiting on the cashier to put his or her goodies into a bag.  I was trying to imagine what the Chicken Caesar salad would look like.  I was trying to imagine if it would have lettuce/spinach leaves or mozzarella/American cheese.  I was trying to imagine how every ingredient would be place on the plate.

Even though I was waiting for the arrival of a Chicken Caesar salad, I also was waiting on a chocolate cupcake too.  Since the start of this journey, I have been focusing on eating clean instead of just healthy.  The Chicken Caesar salad was healthy but it probably would not be considered clean due to the dressing and cheese.


My imagination went wild while eating that Chicken Caesar Salad.  The lettuce and chicken were like the chocolate outside of the cupcake and the dressing and cheese were like the creamy filling of the cupcake.  It was so darn delicious until it felt like I was eating an unhealthy meal.  I was savoring every bite of that Chicken Caesar salad.  The crunchiness of the lettuce felt like the softness of the cupcake during every bite.

How could my imagination change the texture of the lettuce?  How could my imagination make the dressing and cheese taste like filling?  I don’t know but I enjoyed it.  I didn’t get a chance to taste what my husband was eating because I was so focused on how I was able to enjoy a cupcake without actually eating one.  I think I was happier about the meal than he was.

It amazed me how that Chicken Caesar Salad fed my desire for a chocolate cupcake.  A desire that I did not know I had until I looked at the menu.  I did not even look at the desserts when this desire came.  I do not know why my mind went into the sweet world of cupcakes but I enjoyed every minute of it.  That was one of the best chocolate cupcakes I have had and I have had many in the past.

At this time in my journey, I am not able to treat myself to a cupcake without wanting more servings.  I am thankful for the world of imagination.  The inner kid of me came out and I guess I needed her.  As a child, I participated in the wonderful world of imagination.  This experience took me down a road of memories that were fun and exciting.

It also made me think of wonderful times when I caught glimpses of my children participating in the world of imagination when they were little.  This journey is helping me to exercise not only my body by my mind as well.  I am enjoying my journey towards a healthier ME.

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