You Were Not What I Needed

You were like a clear day with sunshine

You were my confidant when my eyes rained tears

You were like my prince when I needed saving

You were like the broken chains that set my free

I enjoyed our encounters together before I realized the reality

You really were the knife stabbing me in the back over and over again

You really were the hands trying to choke life out of me

You really were the wind constantly taking me under the water and you knew I couldn’t swim

You really were the monster killing a piece of me moment by moment

I was living in an illusion of what I thought you were

It’s amazing how I can see the real you with the same eyes that I saw the illusion of you

I am no longer confused about who you were

I see you for who you really are

Written by JcCee


I am what you may call an emotional eater.   I wrote those words above to describe my relationship with foods.  It seemed as though food was helping me but it was not.  It was damaging me with the negative consequence associated with health issue.  I was using foods inappropriately.  I used foods to comfort negative or positive situations I have had in life. I am learning on this journey how I should view food.   Tomorrow will start my third month on this journey towards a healthy and happy life.  I am ending the two months mark with a loss of 30lbs.  It has been 11 weeks since I have been on this journey.  YAY!!!

The before picture was taken in November of last year and the after picture was taken last Wednesday.

22 thoughts on “You Were Not What I Needed

  1. Congrats on the progress. And that was a very powerful piece. So often do we see things from a veiled perspective. Nice that you were able to see your reality and put words to it. Well done.

    1. I am learning so much on this journey. This journey is helping me mentally as well as physically. Thanks so much for your kind words!!

  2. I think my comment got lost bc my phone dying so if this is duplicate sorry
    Thx for sharing experience strength and hope. I controlled my emotions with food & booze, its no fun to be in that prison. Great blog u look fabulous

    1. You’re most welcome Laurie. I agree that it’s not fun all. I am constantly a work in progress. Thanks so much for your kind words! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the work and commitment to loose the weight! I am impressed that you chose the healthy way to lose weight by excercise. Keep up the good work because you look great!

    1. Thanks so much!!! Exercising has great benefits for the body mentally and physically. It is always a joy to read words of encouragement!! 🙂

      1. It is refreshing to see someone tackle a problem that so many girls suffer with. You do it with honesty, and dignity. I am so looking forward to more from you. You are most welcome and most deserving of the praise. 🙂 Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

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