Push Through The Struggle


My morning started off rocky. I I usually complete all of my workouts in the evening but I am switching it up.  I tell you about a comfort zone. I was in the truck for ten minutes having a self talk with myself because I did not feeling like working out this morning. The picture at the top shows how my workout started. I only completed a warm up at the park because I had to use the bathroom (thanks to drinking a lot of water). After I went back home and use the bathroom, I tried again at the park. Then, it wanted to rain.  Now, I already wasn’t feeling a morning regimen and here comes the rain. The picture at the bottom shows how I ended my workout regimen. So, I went to the fitness center and completed my workout on the elliptical ( I didn’t want to see it either lol). I added an arm exercise also. Yes, it was a struggle but I made it through. I’m working on getting out of my comfort zone.  Striving for progression not perfection…WEEK13

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