Updated Hair Regimen with Ways to Add Protein & Moisture /Workout Schedule



Updated hair regimen with ways to add protein and moisture to hairlength check

I am constantly a work in progress.  When working on improving yourself, you will not have time to worry about what others are doing.

My updated hair regimen is different from when I initially started my hair journey.  It is similar from the one I created two months ago but it was not appropriate for my texlaxed hair at the time(was texlaxed maybe 1 1/2 yr. at the time).  It was a struggle to handle it properly.  I understand that everyone is different but relaxing every 3-4 months work for me.  Throughout a hair journey, there will be times that you will modify or adjust your hair regimen to fit your hair needs.  There is a list of products that I use here.

My husband relaxed my hair one week ago and I am refocus on my hair journey. I am no longer texlaxed.  My hair is so manageable now.

Shampoo once a month with clarifying shampoo to remove buildup of products.

  • Deep conditioning after shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner for at least 45 minutes. (Sometimes I add oil to my deep conditioning)
  • Use a leave in conditioner after deep conditioning. Cantu shea butter or aphogee Keratin Green Tea Restructurizer
  • During the detangling or combing process, use a wide tooth comb or finger comb the hair to reduce breakage.  Finger combing is my preference.

Note: The final rinse of any wash process is use with cold water to help retain moisture.  After the wash process,  I use an old t-shirt instead of a towel to get excess water out of my hair.  By using a t-shirt, I will be reducing fizziness, pulling of hair, and scrubbing.  I let my hair air-dry afterwards.

Co wash 2x a month

  • Follow with deep conditioning and leave in conditioner.
  • During the detangling or combing process, use a wide tooth comb or finger comb the hair to reduce breakage.  Finger combing is my preference.

Moisturized hair with a water-based moisturizer and sealed with an oil nightly or every other night (depending on what the hair need).  Scurl/oil of choice

1x a week I use leave in conditioning repair cream from root to end and oil of my choice to help strengthen my hair (it only takes a small amount).  Cantu Shea Butter

Oiled and do scalp massages 2x a week with an oil of choice (increase blood circulation and help with stimulating hair growth).  Currently using Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Do a protein treatment 1x a month if needed

  • During the detangling or combing process, use a wide tooth comb or finger comb the hair to reduce breakage.  Finger combing is my preference.

If shedding occurs, do a black tea rinse (boiled a few bags of black tea and when it cool down pour it all over the head).  Let it sit for a couple minutes.  Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

Trim when needed.  Make sure to baby the ends (moisturized them) to help reduce the number of times of trimming.

Sleep with satin/silk cap or bonnet.

Relaxed every 12 weeks.

If want to flat iron, I will use a heat protectant.  I may only flat iron 2x out of the 3 month span.

Probably the last month before relaxer time, I will be prepooing to help soften new growth.  My definition is adding oil all over the hair from the scalp to the end and putting on a plastic cap before bed before wash day if my new growth seems unmanageable.

Drink water.

Eating healthy and working out also is important for the healthiness of hair.

Protective style will be my wig.  I will have my hair plaited underneath.

I was struggling with my hair due to the way I was working out and it been texlaxed.  I could not wash it often as I should and the working out was drying out of my hair.  I will only workout out close to Wash day.    I decided to workout on Sun, Mon, & Tues. right before Wash day (hair) on Wednesday instead of working out at least 5-6 days of week and drying out my hair because I am unable to wash it often and condition it.  I will continue with my hair regimen and on Wash day, I will make sure that I do a deep conditioning to put moisture back in my hair that I may have lost due to working out.

.  fitness

Again, some products that I use here.

Happy healthy journey!

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