Juice concoction that may promote healthy hair & skin

Juice concoction that may promote healthy hair and skin

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Juice Concoction That May Promote Healthy Hair & Skin

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  • 3 medium carrots
  • ½ cucumber
  • 1 mango


Wash off veggie and fruit.  Cut them up and slide them through the juicer.  Drink before 24 hours.  I like to drink mine immediately.


I have been juicing since February of this year.  I have learned how different fruits & veggies can help or heal the body naturally.  Recently, I have been looking for fruits and veggies that may help with hair and skin.  I found that carrots & cucumbers may help with the healthiness of the hair and skin.  Carrots have beta carotene (help produce natural oils), vitamin c, b vitamin, vitamin e (antioxidant), etc.

Cucumbers have vitamin c, potassium (may help with high blood pressure), silica (may increase hair growth), sulfur, etc.  Mango has beta carotene, vitamin c, rich in iron (strengthen the hair), potassium, etc.  Mango is great for the skin (acne) also.

They all give the body numerous benefits but I just wanted to share that they are great to individuals who may want to improve the healthiness of their hair and skin.  Hair regimens (external) are wonderful and needed on a hair journey but what is been put in the body (internal) is important also.

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It’s yummy to me.  I will play around with different fruits with this mixture to add different flavors and benefits.

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10 thoughts on “Juice concoction that may promote healthy hair & skin

  1. Don’t you maintain more of the nutrients from using a blender and eating the sediments, instead of juicing and throwing them away? Great ingredients and benefits of each, but if you want to truly benefit from them, just blending it and drinking the thicker version would be more beneficial.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and responding. It depends on the individual’s preference in regards to juicing or blending. I love to do both. I blend, juice, & eat my fruit & veggies. I have a recipe regarding smoothies on my blog also. When I want my body to do less work in digestion and use that energy for cleansing instead, I juice. With juicing, nutrients go straight into the bloodstream and I feel the benefits instantly. It may promote healing to the body since the absorption of nutrients is extremely high. If I want some fiber, I eat or blend my fruit & veggies. Since each way is beneficial, I make sure to incorporate all three of them into how I get fruits & veggies into my system.

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