A Simple Way to Relieve Stress

A Simple Way to Relieve Stress

While I am sitting here sipping this chamomile tea (it is known for its relaxing/soothing benefits and it is also useful for a sleep aid), I find myself thinking of nothing in particular. Have you ever just had a moment from daily duties in life and think of nothing.  I mean, the mind is blank, forget the to do list or the thousands of other tasks lingering around, etc.

Sometimes we get so caught up in all of the list of things we have to do until we forget to have a seat to chill and rest. Even though it can be very enjoyable, scariness may creep in. Scariness such as a thought of should I be doing something or I know I do not have time to be sitting here doing nothing, or I am not been productive right now.

There have been times when I entertained those thoughts, but this moment is not it.  I refused to worry about what I should or need to be doing at this time, and I will enjoy this cup of chamomile tea doing nothing else.  Letting my mind and body rest for this little while. This is one of the relaxing activities from previous post.

And it is so SOOTHING AND PEACEFUL to my soul.

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