A Simple Way to Relieve Stress

how to reduce stress

Sometimes we get so caught up in all of the lists of things we have to do until we forget to have a seat to chill and rest.

Even though it can be enjoyable, scariness may creep in.

Scariness such as a thought of I should be doing something, or I know I do not have time to be sitting here doing nothing, or I am not productive right now.

There have been times when I entertained those thoughts, but this moment is not it.

I refused to worry about what I should or need to be doing at this time, and I will enjoy whatever tea I am crushing on at the moment doing nothing else.

Letting my mind and body rest for this little while.

One way I like to relieve stress includes getting comfy on the chaise in my bedroom with some Mozart playing in the background.

There is lavender oil in the diffuser while natural light from the rays of sun is shining through the window.

I am enjoying a nice cup of tea. I have been crushing on wild raspberry hibiscus tea lately.

I can actively enjoy this present moment doing nothing. No specific thoughts to attend to.

I can spend this moment enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the tea, lavender oil in diffuser, Mozart playing in the background, and rays of the sun shining through. 

This moment gives me a pause to take a break.  It is relaxing and calming. 

I enjoy the simplicity of relieving stress this way.   

And it is so SOOTHING AND PEACEFUL to my soul.

If you are looking for a simple way to relieve stress, take a seat and chill.  Sometimes the simplest things can bring us the most relaxation, peace & joy.

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