Simple Ways To Give Your Day A Boost (Positivity)

Simple Ways to Give Your Day a Positive Boost

simple ways to start the day positive


The way you begin your morning can influence how your day goes. You have the power to help shape the way your mind thinks. You can turn your reality into peace or chaos through the information you feed your brain.

Sometimes, life does not go as you plan, but you can choose how you let it affect your overall being. The best time to work on your mind is in the morning before anything happens.

Shape how your day will be. This post started off with 3 simple ways to give your day a boost of positivity.  I have updated this list because I have updated my routine over the years.  Here is an updated post with tasks I incorporate into my morning routine that boosts my day in a positive direction.

Giving thanks. It is a blessing to wake up. As soon as I wake up, I give thanks.  Giving thanks is one of the easiest and maybe the most underrated form of habits that will help improve your way of thinking in life. My mornings become bright and joyful when I look over my life and give thanks for what I have.

If you ever find yourself thinking about what is going wrong in your life, stop and take that time to think about what is and has gone right in your life.

There is a certain level of peace and contentment that comes with taking a few moments out of my day and realizing how blessed I am. 

Make the Bed

Open the blinds and let the sunshine through

Drink water with lemon in the morning

Do a quick workout. We always hear about how exercises release endorphins, but did you know it also helps activate white blood cells. 

During exercise, the production of different kinds of white blood cells is activated. Macrophage is one of the white blood cells that is highly activated during exercise. It goes through the body and removes harmful bacteria & viruses (DeYoung on communitymedical.org. 2020).

If you don’t have 30 minutes to work out, no problem. YouTube has so many 10 minutes exercise videos you can knock out quickly. No excuses.

how to detox your life

Take a eucalyptus shower with all the works (candles, diffuser, favorite music of choice, etc). Do the hot/cold water method. End your shower with cold water.

I love starting my day with an eucalyptus leaves shower with classical or jazz music playing in the background, the diffuser is on, aromatherapy candles are lit, etc. I am intentional with the scene I set. I pull out all the works. It has to be calming and relaxing.

I speak beautiful and positive affirmations to myself while I am showering.  It really does make a different what you feed your mind. Trust me, your mind is always listening. I mean, always. 

Next, I do Mirror Work while massaging my face with a jade roller, ice roller, or facial massager. I continue feeding my mind beautiful and positive affirmations. The vibe is positive and uplifting. 

Read a couple of pages out of the current book you reading 

Here is a list of books I love 

best self help books

Listen to motivation or inspiring podcast (feed your mind positive info)


Do a guided meditation ( You don’t need a lot of time. You can do this for 5 or 10 minutes)

how to start your day with positivity

Start your day off with a healthy breakfast. Believe it or not, the food you consume play a vital role in how you feel.  A smoothie or fruit tray is quick and simple.  If you have time, you can make some pancakes with your favorite sides too.  

If you are a coffee lover, go for healthier alternatives such as unsweetened plant based milk, vegan creamer, vanilla extract, or cinnamon to flavor it. 

simple ways to start your day positive

I pay attention to foods that are good for mood. Believe it or not, what you eat plays a role in your overall mood too. There are supplements, herbs, and adaptogens that can help also. 

Morning routine is done. Next, I am ready to tackle the day.

These are some simple ways that I incorporate into my morning routine to boost my day into a positive direction.

What are some ways you add to your morning routine that helps brings about a positive day? I would love the feedback.

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Boost Your Immune System With Exercise. Retrieved from https://www.communitymedical.org/about-us/News/Boost-your-immune-system-with-exercise

17 thoughts on “Simple Ways To Give Your Day A Boost (Positivity)

    1. Thanks so much for the sharing your thoughts and I totally agree that it is very important to give thanks. By giving thanks, we are not providing the negative with any power.

  1. Being thankful! How important yet underrated is it? I’m happy to see it as the first point in your post. The more thankful I am the better my life gets. Thank you for such a lovely post!

    1. I wish it was not underrated because it is very powerful and it can definitely change how one look at life. Thanks so much for stopping by with kind words.

  2. I start my day with coffee 😉 I really do like these ideas though. I’ve been making a morning list the past few days and I am surprised at how much better the days go. Being thankful always helps.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by with kind words. Congrats on participating in an activity that bring about better days. I love making lists.

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