Goal Setting: Have you set your goals for this year?

goal setting

I found that setting goals help provide direction in my life.  When I set goals, I am planning on getting to a certain place in life, whether it is personal or business.  It helps me develop my focus skills because I have to stay on track if I want to accomplished them.   I previously wrote a post about a 6 Steps Process to Eliminate Excuses and I also apply those steps with accomplishing goals.

Before I start on my goals for 2015,  I would like to reflect on the accomplishment of goals of 2014.  One of my goals was to get back closer with God.  This has been an exciting and nervous experience at the same time.  During this time, I have had to activate my faith and that has been a problem for me in the past years.

I actually realize how it is a relief to put my faith in God.  I no longer had to worry about things that I did not have control over or worrying about timing, which had been causing me a great deal of stress in the past.  By activating my faith in God, I was able to do my part with no worries, sit back, and watch God work.  Even though activating this faith has been a rewarding experience, it was one of the scariest acts that I have had to participate in because it was not about what I could do or how I could do (I felt safe when I had control over situations or results).  It was about putting it in God’s hand and trusting in him.  It hasn’t been an easy transition but it has been worth it for my peace of mind.  Yes, I am still a work in progress but I am not where I use to be.

Another goal was to spend more time with my family.  In 2013, we were blessed to go on 3 family trips for vacation and it was amazing.  In 2014, we moved to another state and we have been getting to know the city.   We were able to have a lot of family days and they have been fun and terrific.  I enjoyed the interactions with everyone.   I have been really valuing the time spent with my family and I try to take every chance I can to spend some with my children because they are growing up and we will not be able to get time not spent back.  Looking forward to many many more this year and a family vacation also.

Another goal was to improve my health, I was able to lose 40LBS and also incorporate healthier alternatives of living in my life and my family.  I have learned about essential oils, different benefits of turning fruits and vegetables into juices & smoothies.  I have learned about the different advantages of adding herbs into our body and more ways to incorporate exercise in my routine,

I have been able to minimize the amount of issues with sinus and I have barely gotten sick in 2014.  Prior to 2014, my sinuses used to act up severely as I sometimes had to go to the doctor for the sinus cocktail.  I also was taking different otc meds for sinus when the weather change.  I did not have to experience those issues with sinuses last year.

Another goal which started in the middle of the year was to get back on my healthy hair journey.  I did that also.  I am currently 21 weeks post relaxer and I am awaiting for relaxer time lol


I am not the same person I was before I accomplished the goals above.  I have improve in areas that needed some work (I know my body is thankful for the healthier lifestyle, my mind is thankful for the spiritual growth, and cultivating relationships among my children has been wonderful) and this make me a better person than I was before.

I see that some people like to compete with others but it is so much rewarding when you are competing with the person you were before.  With this competition, you will automatically win with any progress that you make because you have become better than the person you were before.

Now, on to the goals of 2015.  This is a starting list.  I have no problem with starting with  a small list.  If I start too big, I may become discouraged and risk self sabotaging any progress and quit.

1   I would like to continue to build off of the goals I set for 2014 and continue to work on them.

2.  I want to spend more time on my health & wellness business.

3.  I want to read more motivational and encouraging books.

4.  I want to organized my budget and expenses better. The last two years, I used a composition tablet to write the monthly expenses. I want to look into using a spreadsheet later on.  Currently, I am looking for a journal regarding documenting monthly expenses.

5.  I want to make more time for date days or nights with my husband.

For now, this is where I am at.  Im OK with adding on as time progress.

Cheers to 2015!! 🙂

I encourage you to be intentional with your actions.  Write out some goals and work on accomplishing them.  As I mentioned earlier in this post, I use the 6 Steps Process to Eliminate Excuses to help me with working on goals.

What are some of your goals for this year? I would love the feedback.

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3 thoughts on “Goal Setting: Have you set your goals for this year?

  1. Congratulation on your awesome performance with your goals last year, keep going very very commendable. I have a small list of goals too. I really am going to pour it on with my online businesses, I will finish at least half my book and I will launch my online speaking videos on youtube and FB. Keep going Jccee i am sure you will achieve your goals in 2015

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement. You are working on some GREAT goals this year and I am sure you will achieve them also. Cheers to a Wonderful 2015 🙂

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