To do list out of control? Don’t Stress it. Go for a laugh!

When you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t stress it.  Go for a laugh.  This past week has been a bit much (overwhelming to be exact)

It seemed like my duties on my to do list took on a mind of their own.  I found myself constantly adding to the list which led me all over the place. On top of that, I was not feeling my best.

So, my husband out of the blue say, “Let’s do a dinner and a movie today.”  We usually do one or the other. This helps us do it more often budget wise.  I looked at my to do list and thought about all of the duties that was not done yet and I was about to say, “No, I got to much to do.”  Yes, I was about to postpone it until I got to thinking that this will be quality time with my husband and time to take a break and regroup from my out of control to do list (this is why it is so important to feed your mind positive information because it will come back to you when needed). I said, “Ok, give me some time to get ready.”


Sometimes, we can have so much going on in our lives until we have to stop everything and give ourselves time to breathe.  I discussed this in 5 tips to reduce stress. I know you may think if I stop than I won’t get anything done. When you are feeling overwhelmed,  give yourself time to clear your head and regroup when you stop for a moment (only a moment).

So, back to getting ready (which took about 2 1/2 hours). Most of my getting ready time was spent on me still working on my to do list. Yeah, I know, it didn’t  really hit me yet that I needed to remove the list from my eyes. My husband said, “Time is ticking.” I finally stop and got ready.

I must say that it was needed.  We took a stroll down the river walk and I enjoyed the scenery.  It was totally different from looking at my laptop with my to do list on the side.  Next, we got something to eat. Ok, I had one of the best grilled chicken salads ever at Chili’s.  Sorry, I don’t have a picture to show you. When I thought about taking a picture the salad was half way gone.

Finally movie time,  my kids have gotten me into watching the Superheroes’ movies but my husband wanted to see a comedy.  I laughed until I cried at times.  As we were walking out, my husband stated, “Your walk done change.”  I walked in feeling sluggish but I walked out feeling rejuvenated.


I thanked my husband for the day of activities that help relieved the tension and help cleared my mind.  After my mind was clearer, I was able to focus on my out of control to do list.

What did I learned?

1.  I learned to not add more duties to my to do list until I have fulfilled the ones already on there. (this is the biggest one to me)

2. I learned to better separate my duties according to the importance of each.

3. I learned to improve my schedule by rearranging some of the duties on my list by the time and day and putting in time for rest.


Don’t stress it, go for a laugh.

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57 thoughts on “To do list out of control? Don’t Stress it. Go for a laugh!

  1. Great Read for me today! I have been feeling overwhelmed with my to do list this week. I’m getting ready for my daughter’s first birthday and being a DIY girl I have a lot to do.

  2. Thank goodness for significant others who force us to have a bit of fun sometimes! I had the same experience on Sunday… impromptu lunch and movie. (We saw Get Hard, which… hilarious.) Just what I needed!

    1. Thanks so much! I know what you mean. The control is easily lost when we keep adding to it. Sounds like you got yourself a winner. Laughter is good for the soul 🙂

  3. Thanks for just reminding us that we have to take the time to laugh even though sometimes we are so overwhelmed with our daily routine! Nice post!

  4. Oh, how I needed to read this! I’m in that same list-driven state of stress; thanks for the reminder to take it slow & give myself a break.

  5. Such a great post–I tend to forget that life is short and sometimes I just need to take the to-do list a little less seriously! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  6. Ugh! I am always saying that I have too much to do…it’s hard to just stop and take a break. That is probably where my humor and sarcasm come into play..Lol

    1. Yeah, that thought of having a lot to do has a way of lingering around and making it harder to take a break. I hope you get you some breaks in. 🙂

  7. Hi JcCee, it does feel good to get away from all the work and just laugh or have a good time. Even just the change of scenery is good. I always need reminders of this because I have workaholic tendencies
    (she says at almost 7PM on a Friday night as she is still at her desk working! ) Happy weekend, Michele

    1. Yes, it does. Good ole time was just what I needed! I can definitely relate to those workaholic tendencies. I hope you get a chance to enjoy your weekend, Michele 🙂

  8. I’m glad you got to have a great time! Thank you for linking up at #MeetUpMonday with thequinntessentialmommy.com (and me, but I missed it this week because I too had to step back a bit haha)!

  9. Good for you for doing something for yourself! I just wrote about being overwhelmed with my never-ending to-do list for one of my freelance assignments this week.

    1. Thanks so much! I am glad to know that I am not alone with the issues of the never ending to do list. I am loving the progress with your studio, Cristi. 🙂

  10. A good laugh and good company is a great stress buster. Btw.. when you mentioned walk on River Walk were you talking about the San Antonio River Walk ? That place is gorgeous and a great place to go strolling .

  11. I am a chronic over to-do-er (is that a thing? It is now), so I appreciated this reminder to take some time to rest! I do usually feel better, and can accomplish more, when I’ve taken some time to do something fun (and not on my list) as you mention in your story. Thanks for writing and sharing this!!

  12. So true! I actually did this a few weekends ago. I had so much to get done, including working on my term paper and cleaning and blah blah blah. My husband asked if I wanted to grab lunch and a movie. My mind spun with all the things I should be doing but I said “sure”. I was stressed to the max, tons to do and needed a break. It was a great afternoon. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. Best of all, we got to spend some good time together and it reiterated that family is more important than my to-do list. Sometimes you just need a break and a new perspective! 🙂

  13. I find I’m like this both at home and at work. Went to one of those “time management” things at work and learned that I can only plan realistically for 80% of my day and leave room for 20% of things to come up unexpectedly. I need to take your three things that you learned and apply them as well. Easier said than done but I’ll give it a shot!

  14. Not adding more things to your list until you have accomplished the other ones is key! This is something I am very guilty of and it just causes more stress! Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me link party, I hope you will join us again next week!

    1. Yes, definitely more stress is created when we continue to add on to the list. I am working on this also. Thanks for stopping by and I enjoyed the party 🙂

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