How I Deep Condition My Dry Hair

I have been on my hair care journey for about five years.  Throughout out a hair care journey, your hair may require different things. It is important to listen to your hair.

Due to having extremely dry hair, I have to deep condition my hair weekly.  I mentioned the process a while back in a post about hair regimen.  The products may change but the routine is mostly the same. I may prepoo sometimes or not depending on what my hair needs.

I am like 14-15 weeks post relaxer.  I will be doing the prepoo this month during my weekly conditioning.

1.  I do the prepoo of oil (I used extra virgin olive oil with a few drops of black jamaican castor oil) for about one hour.  I may use another oil depending on what my hair needs.

2.   Since my hair is extremely dry, I need to co wash before the deep condition process.  I wash my hair standing in the shower (this helps reduce tangling)

3.   I start on the deep conditioner process (depending on how my hair is feeling I may skip the co wash and just deep condition on dry hair but my hair needs the co wash this time). I add the conditioner mixed with a little oil to my hair by individual parts and twist them to help reduce tangles. My hands get heavy with this step.  I apply the conditioner as I would apply a relaxer for the first time (from root to end) and leave it on for at 2 hours.

The 2 hours pass by fast because I found myself occupied in blogging stuff, cleaning, netflixing, social media, or more blogging stuff. 

4.  After the 2 hours, I wash it out standing in the shower (this reduce tangling).  Let my hair air dry for about 60% and spritz a mixture of aloe vera juice/water. (leave in conditioner).  Depending on if I need a little protein, I will use Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner instead but the aloe vera mixture has been doing good.  

I finger comb my hair during this time.  Next, I let the air drying process complete.  

5.  The final step consists of moisturizing and sealing. I put some plaits in my hair and I am done.

Oh, but there is more.

There are a couple more of steps I do after the wash day on the next day.

I finger comb my hair and oil my scalp with the oil of my choice.  After I finger comb it, I use a wide tooth comb. I give my hair room to breathe by just letting it hang out for that day.

The most important thing that I have learned while caring for my hair is to listen to it.  It will let you know what it needs.  Products may change and the specific type of need may change also.  Happy Hair Journey

How do you deep condition your hair?

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