Family Fun When The Lights Are Out

Family Fun When The Lights Are Out

A couple of weeks ago we had some bad weather which cause our lights  (electricity) to go out.  We usually watch movies on that day.  Now this should have been an unpleasant moment since electronics are very popular in our household but it wasn’t.  It was a great and pleasant moment for our household.  So, instead of movie time.   Oh, yeah, electronics are not allowed during the movie time.  This was actually suggested by my kids but I wondered how they were going to be without electronics for the whole day without any warning or planning of it.  They did just fine.   We had an impromptu family game day.

We played a game with circle a world puzzle including who could finish the puzzles the fastest.   Also, we played Monopoly and Uno (my kids added so many extras to this game). Oh, there was another game they made up about memory with the Uno but I didn’t play.  I watched them play.  It was so much fun watching them trying to keep their body language from telling off on themselves when they got the bad card.   We had laughs on top of laughs throughout the whole day.

So, we lost lights (electricity) before the daylight hit that morning.  Instead of sitting and waiting for them to come back on, we got out the games.  We played games from that morning until the evening.  We finally got lights again around late that evening.  And we ended our day with Netflix. See, We still got our movie in too.

We do family activities together but the impromptu game day due to lack of electronics made me think about how comfortable we have become with technology in the home.   My kids have electronics and I stay on some sort of electronic especially since the start of this blog.  Who am I kidding? Even before this blog, I was on the internet for something.  I believe sometimes we get so comfortable with technology until we forget about all of the things that can be done without it.

Any activities that include good interactions with my family are always great to me.  As I explained in a previous post about movie time, this too was like a beautiful beat to my favorite song.


I didn’t win not one time but it was a fun day. I take that back, I did win.  I won the biggest prize.  I won a spot in my kids’ heart that will be there forever by participating in memory making moments that will last a life time and I still got to enjoy another beautiful beat to one of my favorite songs.

Like I mentioned in another post, my kids are growing up and I cherish every moment I can with them.  I know that I will not be able to get these times back. The most precious things in life cannot be bought.  I enjoy nice things but the most precious things to me are not things but are the times spent with my family.

Even though the weather wasn’t good and we were without lights (electricity) and our planned event was interrupted, we enjoyed ourselves, beautiful music played, and the sun came out and shine in the Barney’s household.

Impromptu times that make some wonderful memories.   Don’t you just love when that happens?  I would love feedback.

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36 thoughts on “Family Fun When The Lights Are Out

  1. Aw that’s so awesome that you can make the best of a crummy situation. Sometimes it’s things like this that force us to reconnect! Good for you for taking advantage of the moment!

    1. Yes, I was very happy by how the day turned out. No one even mention that the lights were out throughout the ordeal. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  2. beautiful love it. I grew up with zero technology in a third world country rural area and my memories are golden. the activities, connection with neighbors and spirit of togetherness help to make me into a humble, principled and generous individual. We should not allow technology to strip us of the benefits of personal one on one quality interaction

    1. It sounds like you have some great memories. I totally agree . That is exactly what technology does if we let it. We need to be more mindful of that and make sure to get in personal one on one quality interaction with others. Have a great day, Lewin!

  3. I love technology!! But twice a week is game night and electronics are not allowed! I am so grateful for that rule!

  4. This is a great post! It’s wonderful that you were able to turn a power outage into game night.

  5. We do this too. We have lots of board games, but the new favorite is a checkers/ tic tac toe mat from Cracker Barrel. The kids just love it, and my youngest kick some tic tac toe butt. He is almost 7. My husband taught him too well. I can’t even beat him!

    1. I know that feeling. I thought for sure that I was going to win one of the games in puzzle. No such luck lol. I have to look into the checkers/tic tac toe mat. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Great idea! My adult friends and I occasionally have game night, and it’s so much fun. And the stuff we play requires enough concentration that we really don’t have time to look at electronics

  7. I love this post! We rarely lose power, but when we do I think everyone almost feels a little panicky because we are all of us so used to being plugged in at will. I will remember games the next ime it happens.

    1. Yes, it seems so common to be plug in all the time. It was great to not be. The games really helped the time pass quickly. Enjoy your day, Leslie 🙂

  8. I love technology and will not shelter my kids from it… but I also want to instill conversations, games and all the fun things I grew up doing as a child too! Love family game night!

    1. Times like this gets me to thinking about all of the memories I had with my parents with family game time. These memories of our parents are some of the best wouldn’t you say?

  9. Great post! Thanks for sharing at Bloggers Brags this week! I’m pinning this to our group board on Pinterest. Have a fabulous week!

  10. I love family game nights! Whenever we get together with my dad’s side of the family we still all love to play games.

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