Need to Relax? Try Adult Coloring


Sometimes I find myself dazed off thinking about how fast my children are growing and thinking about the different activities they love to do.  If we stop and think, we will realized that we participated in a variety of stress reducing activities in our childhood.  One particular activity that comes to mind is coloring.

Lately, there has been a buzz about adult coloring and it is known to reduce stress.  So, I began thinking about coloring and the liberation that is felt through coloring.  Of course as a child you are not looking for liberation. You just enjoy the activity.  But looking back as an adult, you find yourself describing the feeling and wonder why you stop doing it anyways.  Because with this activity, you are able to create your masterpiece however you desire. You are able to control the outcome.  It can look however you want it to look.


Maybe today was not a good day and you felt the lack of control over the moments throughout the day.  You find yourself with high levels of stress. Grabbing a coloring book and designing the color sheet with whatever color you want can help bring about peace that you may have been yearning for all day.

I picked an adult coloring book the other day and decided to just color.  It was calming and peaceful and I felt relax.

Have you ever tried adult coloring?

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