Simple Relaxing Saturday

simple weekend.PNG

The week was long and Saturday could not come fast enough.  I have been waiting on the weekend since the last weekend.  I literally was counting down and it felt like it was going in slow motion.  Anywho. Wait, do people still use that word?  Well, I am excited to be getting a lazy day.

I hope you are able to get one in also.  The morning starts off with coffee and breakfast with hubby.  I actually like chai latte, so tea for me.  We chill and enjoy the peace that comes with doing absolutely nothing.

Of course, we add netflix to the mix and quick meal and just chill out. Snacks may find their way into our routine. Ha, pig out together.  I love binge watching on tv shows and the hubby loves movies.  This is when compromise comes and saves the day. We alternate and it works out even though he finds himself in the middle of a season when binge watching is going on but the time together makes it Okay.

I know my mind is thanking me for this lazy day.  Make sure to get you a lazy day in to give your mind and body a break from everyday life.

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