Friday Night, Relaxing & Dancing Through It All

Life is better when you dance stress reliever.PNG

Hey Loves,  it’s Friday and time to relax and wind down from a week of everyday decision making, task completing, etc.  So, let’s talk about one sure way to wind down and let your mind be free for a little while.  This is what brings me to the fancy folder I picked up a couple of weeks ago above.  I can agree with the saying, “ Life is Better When You Dance.”  Do you?  Life is full of surprises whether they are good or not so good but music can help bring about a moments of freedom from it all.  Music can give you the perfect escape to ease and release the negativity from your mind.

I love turning up the music and losing myself in the song. I can remember times when my sister, my kids, and I would just dance like no one is watching.  The moment was full of laughter and joy.  It was a difficult time in our lives and those moments of escape in music were precious and freeing.  I am not the best dancer in the family but it does not take an expert to move and feel the music through your body and guide your feet to the beat.

Dancing can be therapeutic because you have the control to move how you want and pick the music of your choose and just lose yourself in the moment. So, I am going to enjoy my Friday night losing myself in the music while freeing my mind.

I hope you have a wonderful Weekend! 🙂

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