Sunday Night Session-Reflecting & Planning

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Hey loves, how has your weekend been? Hopefully relaxing, fun, & somewhat peaceful.  Mine has been relaxing.  Time went back this weekend.  Did you enjoy your extra hour this morning? I think I did. I was ready able to get ready for church earlier than usual.

I hated to see the weekend go. I would love a day in between Sunday and Monday but wishful thinking huh?   Anyways, I like to spend my Sunday night planning with a cup of chai latte, relaxing music, & a scented candle.  This momma gets in her zone and reflect on last week and plan for the new week.

During reflecting, I journal moments and things that are still on my mind.  Writing them down helps to clear up space in my head because I am one of those people who will dwell on something a while if it stays in my head. This is not healthy and may create all kinds of stress.  By reflecting weekly, it helps me to pay attention to what is really going in my mind.  I call it thought maintenance.  When I write it down, I feel like I have release it. It no longer has a hold on me. And I can start concentrating on new things or moments (not always new but other things that may need my attention).


During reflecting, I also examine goals that were or were not accomplished for the week.  I write out my goals and tasks to accomplished them. This is the time that I adjust some tasks to help reach goals not accomplished and to add new goals if I am able.  Sometimes life does not go as plan but it is good to have an idea of what you are working towards even if you have to adjust it.

Ready to tackle the week!

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