Updated Deep Conditioning-How I added Moisture & Tamed My Hair

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Hello loves, this year is almost over. We only have about 50 plus days left before we are heading into 2017.  Time flies when you are not paying attention. Anyways, I always love getting my hand on a good deep conditioner that is not expensive. Would you believe if I told you that I found an Amazing moisturizing deep conditioning for around 8 bucks at a local beauty supply store? I did, I really did. I have been wanting to try this condition for a while but was putting it off because I was loving the conditioners that I had in rotation. But 4 mos post relaxer hit, and my hair was becoming hard to manage. Believe it or not, certain conditioners work better according to the stage your hair is in during your hair journey. The conditioners that I have been using weren’t cutting for my 4 mos post relaxer hair, and I was not feeling getting a relaxer just yet. I wanted to hold out a little while longer. So the hunt began for a new deep conditioner to try and one that would not break the bank. I was at local beauty supply store browsing at the deep conditioners and my eyes fell on Aunt Jackie “in control” and I was like, this may be a good time for me to try it and when I saw the price, I was sold.


Can I just say or write lol, this stuff is the bomb and my 4 mos post relaxer hair felt like butter after I washed it out.  I left it in for about 1 hour and 30 minutes before I washed it out.  I continue on with my regular routine after a deep conditioner including leave in conditioner and moisturized/sealing.  I was impressed but I waited on the final result, which was the next day because my hair will be fully dry. Well, the next day came and my hair was so soft and it stayed the soft and easy to manager the whole week. I am hooked. The smell is fine but I would like to add that it does contain silicones in it. That would be the only con that I found but I haven’t had any build up. Now, Let’s see if Aunt Jackie can get me to 6 mos post relaxer.

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