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There is nothing like taking time out to give yourself a pampering day.  I was so excited to use a day on the weekend as an at home spa day to give my hair and skin some care.  A couple of weeks ago I picked up some face masks at Sally’s and I have been hooked on them ever since.

If you caught my post last month, you read about my self care kit.  I make sure to get some self care moments in through the week.   They are important and needed but been able to dedicate a whole day to focus on just me is priceless.  And I am all for participating in ways to  reduce stress.

I mean, it can become so easy to get caught up in caring for everyone else until you forget about yourself.  You may even find yourself feeling a little guilty. I get it, I really do.  But don’t, tell yourself that you need it and they (your people) need you to  take time out for yourself too.

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And in all honestly, what does neglecting yourself do for you and your people in the long run?  Think long and deep about it.  You can insert your answer here.


Let’s get to my at home spa day.  Oh wait, let me try to set the scene for you. I had my favorite candles lit and some soft & relaxing music playing and I was in some comfy clothes.  Let’s not forget my favorite cup of deliciousness, Chai Tea Latte in one of my beautiful tumblers.

Depending on what I am needing will determined the kind of at home spa day I will create.  Usually I give myself a spa night through the week that focus on relieving stress and relaxing but I am working on strengthening my hair and taking better care of my skin so I decided to focus on hair and skin care for this spa day.


Protein treatments help to strengthened hair. I gave my hair a light protein treatment.  This process does take a while due to the other steps it entails.  I shared a while back on my process.  You can check it out here if you like.

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The process is still mostly the same but the products may be different.  The face mask is supposed to deep clean and purify pores and I could truly use that as I keep oil in my hair and you know how that goes sometimes.


I washed my hair and applied the product for the hair treatment and I use my favorite facial cleanser to clean my face and then I put on the avocado and oatmeal face mask.  I love the way this mask made my skin feel afterwards.

I will be picking up the regular size for this mask and use it in my weekly routine.  Next, I am going to try the Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress by Freemans as it sounds like it would fit right in with at home spa day, with the key word been “anti-stress.”

As the hair treatment and face mask were doing their work, I didn’t have a care in the world. I was zoned out in my music feeling relaxed and free. Then, I realized that I was taking care of my mind, body, and soul.  I peacefully got a good nap in and enjoyed the rest of day off stress free.

Do you give yourself an at home spa day?

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