Dealing with Stress. Have you dance it out lately?

Hey Loves,  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  It’s the beginning of the week and I want to discuss one way to combat stress and how to take time to relax and wind down from a day of daily decision making, task completing, etc.  Have you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy? I have been a fan since day one and I love Meredith & Cristina’s dance it out ritual.

I don’t know how many times I have watched their last episode together with them dancing it out not wanting it to end. I love dancing and I have no rhythm but who cares, it is a BIG stress buster for me.

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Do you like the fancy folder I picked up a while back?  I can agree with the saying, “ Life is Better When You Dance.”  Do you?  Life is full of surprises whether they are good or not so good but music combined with dancing can help bring about moments of freedom from it all.  Music can give you the perfect escape to ease and release the negativity from your mind with body movement.

I assume at this point that you already know where I am going with this. So, let’s get to it. You had a tense day at work and you need to loosen up. Dance it out.  Through dancing, you can loosen the tension in your body. Dancing can be therapeutic. It can ease anxiety and give you a mood booster.

It gives you the opportunity to have control to move how you want, pick the music of your choose, or just lose yourself in the moment. Dancing can also be used as a form of exercise and we all know that exercising release Endorphins (those feel good feelings). Look at those mentally and physically perks. It seems like a win win for me. I will take it.  How about you?

I think it is safe to say that dancing is one sure way to wind down and combat stress. Well, would we call it winding down when you are moving your body in different directions? Hmm, I don’t know how winding up would sound but this technique will give you time to ease and free your mind.

I guess if it was use in the beginning of the day, it could be winding up. Perhaps if we were discussing morning routine, it could be a technique use to wind up. For the sake of this discussion, we will be using it to wind down.

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I love turning up the music and losing myself in the song. I can remember times when my sister, my kids, and I would just dance like no one is watching. Better yet, if someone was watching, it didn’t matter.  Our family as a whole was going through a traumatic time in our lives and one thing my sister, kids, and myself could do together was dance it out.

Those moments of escape were precious, freeing, and needed.  They were full of laughter and joy.  I am not the best dancer in the family but it does not take an expert to move and feel the music through your body and guide your feet to the beat.

So, I am going to spend my evening losing myself in the music while releasing tension and freeing my mind.

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Do you use dancing to combat stress?

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One simple way to reduce stress

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