The Importance Of Adding Gratitude To Your Day

It is always beautiful to find gratitude throughout the day.  It helps your day run smoother and you know that our goal here at “Life through Fancy Eyes” is to find ways to improve our daily way of living.

We cannot control some things or events that happen daily but we can control how we react to them. You’re probably thinking that is easier said than done. I know, but believe me, it’s not impossible and this is when the practice of gratitude comes in.

Gratitude is a simple and inexpensive tool that can be use to help us with our reactions.  You react differently when your mind is filled with grateful and thankful moments. The grateful and thankful moments cause you to be in a positive state of mind.

Our lives can become so busy until we think we don’t have the time or we have to go through some major transformation to improve our life.

Not so, you can start with taking 10 minutes, you can even do 5 minutes out of your day (if you can’t find 5 minutes, try doing it while you are showering in the morning) to simply appreciate what you are thankful in your life:

– waking up this morning

-having food on your table

-having a bed to sleep in

– having a roof over your head

-have transportation to get to where you need to go

-have a way to may money to take care of your expenses

-been able to provide the necessities for your family

-having supportive people in your life,


When I am in a zone of appreciation for things and people in my life, it is hard for me to see the negative.

Wait, let me rephrase that. It is hard for me to let the negative get me down because I will still see it but it does not have power over me.

If I was to think of a negative, I am able to think of the bright side and the lesson I learned from it.

But let me be in a zone where I am thinking of a negative that is happening in the present, I get pull back to past negatives.

I began to tie them in all together and the outcome is me thinking that this is just how life is for me.

The lies I tell myself through this illusion I created at that moment. It spills into different parts of my mind.

My goals begin to seem unachievable. My life began to suck. But does it suck? No. I start thinking of all of the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s. Basically, I attend my very own party of self pity. My thinking just gets worst and worst.

Stress develops along with other negative factors in my body. It starts to take a mentally and physically toll on the body. Can you see where I am going with this? Not down a positive road. Been there, done that. Now, I stay clear of that road.

Now let’s get to the mug in the picture. If you follow me on any of my social accounts, you already know that I obsessed with mugs. I picked this one up from Hobby Lobby. I have actually bought this mug twice.

Someone broke the first one in my house and I just had to get another one because this mug carries a powerful message, “Wake with Gratitude.”  I know you may hear or read this a lot about the way we start our day has a lot to do with how the rest of our day goes.

It is so true. It really does make a difference. We have to remember how powerful our mind is and how much control we really have over the way we think.

There are so many different ways to practice gratitude. I spoke about a gratitude jar a while, while back on the blog. Another one is journaling gratitude moments.

Thinking about it changes your mind frame but adding that writing step just help activate it more and give you more time to really soak it in.

During the mornings that I practice gratitude, I can feel my mind and body go into a relaxing and calming state.  And within those moments, I know I am ready to tackle the day and whatever comes with it.

How do you start your day?   How do you practice gratitude? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

One simple way to make your day better

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