Fancy Thoughts & Happenings: Plus New Read & Health Goals


I had a good intention to write this blog yesterday evening but time got away with me. No worries, giving myself grace. I am here this evening in a relaxing mood. I finished my workout and some self care time with a long bath and writing out this blog.

It seems like it was just yesterday I was celebrating 2017 coming in, but now we are in the last quarter and I am wondering where the time went, which got me to thinking about the saying “time waits for no one.”

If you caught my last blog (Read here), you know I talked about taking time out to stop and enjoy the now. How has that been going? I have felt less stress and more relaxing.

I have spent this year focusing on self care and enjoying life precious, simple moments. It’s amazing how the meaning of life changes when you go back to simple.

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Enjoying your fav drink, watching a show with your kids, me time at the coffee shop, lounging around with hubby on a Saturday morning, spending time with your bff, etc. brings so much joy.  It brings that innocent and pure joy. It produces the type of joy you cannot buy.

I could go on and on but let’s talk about what is in store for this month? Wait, let me back up right quick. I am excited to say that my reading goal for the year has been going quite well. Only a few months left and the end goal is looking promising.

Now on to this month. I picked up a new read “The Happiness Project” recommended from one of my followers on instagram. In this book, Gretchen talks about how simple daily habits can help you with creating your happiness. I am just about 25 pages in but I love it so far. If you have any book recommendations, shoot them my way.

Remember about 50 words ago I expressed how I have spent this year focusing on self care. Well, I also have a self care ritual that I do weekly, sometimes I slide one in on hump day depending on how my week been.

Cause let’s be honest, some weeks can go in the garbage lol (well not really, wait yes really lol). But that’s life, so it is good to have systems in place to help us recharge from those types of week or give ourselves a reboot in the middle of the week.

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If you followed me on instagram, you probably have come across my self-care rituals. I feel like I should share them on here also. I do have a blog listing self care activities I try to do daily after work.

On the weekend, I give myself some extra special time to pamper myself with self care. It’s kind of a big deal. Scratch that, it is a BIG deal. Me time focusing on only me.  Sometimes we are afraid to make something about ourselves big but it is and we should.

There is nothing wrong with loving on yourself. I try to add something different in the ritual to keep it exciting. I get my fav candle, get some bath bombs, recently started using sugar scrubs (can I say the bomb lol, wait do people still say that, there I go showing my age lol oh well), fav drink, fav soap and body wash, facial mask, etc.  Anything that deals with pampering makes the list.

I can’t express enough the excitement I feel knowing that moment is coming. Have I always felt like this? No, somehow I convince myself that I didn’t have the time. I could have been doing something else. There was something else that always needed to be done.

But when I think about it now, I was short-changing myself. I was cheating myself out of peace.  I was glad when I woke up from that. I promise giving myself this time has made me function better in the roles that I play in my world.

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If you have not, try it and let me know how it goes. If you have, let me know how it has helped you. I would love to hear from you as this is a community where we encourage and inspire each other.

Hmm, what else is going on this month? I have increased my goal for workouts. I have been doing 30 minutes. This month I’m going for 45 minutes a session. I am trying to get back into meal prep. So, we will see how that goes.  Do you have any health goals this month?

Let me stop right here before this blog get too long. Until next time.

Wait one more thing.

Quick Update: To my email subscribers if you are getting this blog twice. Your eyes are not playing tricks with you. See, what happen was…I change my blogging time and decided to write this at night. I usually scheduled out early in the morning.

Since I was in a zone, I tried to scheduled it out midnight last night but it went out noon today lol. But there is a bright side in this technicality, I learned that my blog schedule times is military style.  So, I played around with it and it should officially go live tonight.



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