Mini Island Getaway: Life’s a Beach & Something Wonderful Happen

Hey loves, how was your weekend?  I had a much needed mini getaway with the hubs to South Padre Island in Texas. The hubs booked this last month for my birthday. Shout out to him!  I love love this pic of us above.

Thank God for blessing me to see another year.  We got there Friday night and stayed until Sunday.  We stayed in a hotel with a beautiful view and the weather was just perfect.

I like it when the weather is between hot and cold.  It’s weird because I am a summer baby. I was born in August and it be hott.

But anyway, we got to eat some good food and watch the dolphins.  I didn’t fall off the wagon too bad regarding my health goals lol. As we were watching the dolphins, the phrase hanging up in restaurant, Pier 19 caught my attention. “Life’s a beach.”  I will speak about it one or two paragraphs down.

We both have been busy, busy lately and chilling out by the pool was just what the doctor ordered.

Before our getaway, I was unsure about the next path on my journey. When I tell you, I received so much clarity for what is next. I don’t know, it’s something about the calmness from the water and being away from everyday living lol.

Walking along the beach with the whispers of the waves echoing in my ear gave me all the feels. Remember when I briefly mentioned the phrase, Life’s a beach so many words earlier?

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At that very moment in time, that is how I would describe my life. Life’s a beach. It’s great and I am owning it. A couple of blog posts back, I talked about enjoy life in the now. I am choosing to live in the now.  I think we sometimes lack acknowledging the great times for whatever reason. Everyone reason may be different. But not today, I’m owning it and enjoying it.

Which brings me to this quote, “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”

I have look at this quote many times at home but when I thought about it this time, I began to think deeply on it. Weeks up until our trip, I did have a moment where I felt like something was going to happen and make it impossible for us to go.

Even though I thought this, it didn’t cause me to stress out and lose hope. I didn’t give it that much energy.  Maybe a tad bit, but I bounce out of it real fast.  I know better now.

But even when we know better, feelings we have had in the past still lingers in the background waiting on their opportunity to cause havoc. Not this time lol. I know it’s there.

I was like you won’t get me.  I will not validate these feelings. It’s so empowering when we learn that we have control over how we react to things, even our inner thoughts and feelings.

But back to the quote, I can see some peace within it.  I want to say having that quote to look at on my desk everyday has been helpful. When I live by that quote, my day goes better. When something happens that I don’t want to happen, I have more energy to get through it.

Thinking that the worst could happen only bring unnecessary stress in our lives and who has time for that. Let’s be real though, sometimes the worst does happen.

Things happen and we do not have any control over it no matter how much we worry about it. Thinking the worst ends up depleting energy when we could have maintain our energy and use it when necessary to make it through the worst or not so good time. What do you think?

I couldn’t get over this view from the Pearl hotel

This also made me think about how important it is to take out time for ourselves. I know, it seems like I find some type of way to mentioned some form of self-care but I have to because it is so necessary. We need it. I know I do. I do not have it all together 24/7.

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Some people would like to think that we are built “Ford Tough”. I mean some of us do develop thick skin through life experiences but we are still delicate beings who need to be love on. Self care is a way to love on yourself.

We are back home and I’m ready to start on my new journey. Until next time.


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