When you just can’t get inspired or motivated, here is one thing you should do.

Hey loves, how has it been? I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with family.  Did you get to snatched some good deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I caught a few.  I know it has been quiet around these parts. A few blog posts ago I mentioned briefly on my health goals and that is what I have been working on. Hence the quietness around here.

I decided to become a vegetarian with sprinkles of vegan for the past couple months. I guess I should say I am more plant-based since I barely eat any vegan meat (meat substitutes). It has been wonderful.  If you want to activate your creativity, try creating good tasting meals without meat.

Okay, let me focus.  Let’s get to the reason for this blog post. I will try to be short and to the point. One day, as the time was approaching for me to work out, I did not want to go. I just was not feeling it that day. I don’t know what was wrong. I was not in the mood. I had already had my rest day so I needed to go.

The motivation was not there and I couldn’t talk myself into it. I was like, I can miss this day. What do you do when you know you need to take action because your goal is not going to accomplish itself? You just show up. And that is what I did.

Was it a struggle? Definitely, but I am so glad that I did it. When I began working out, the feeling of whatever I was feeling went away. I think I surpassed my usual time that day with my work out.  If I did not show up, I would not have made any progress toward my overall goal. If I did not show up, that is one step that I did not take to get closer to my overall goal.

Now don’t get me wrong, there have been times where I have missed a step or two or three lol. I may miss a few again. There is no perfection on this blog. It is all about progress and realizing the tools we already have in ourselves to succeed in what we are trying to do.

Sometimes you hold yourself back and don’t even realize it. Come with me for a second.  Let’s say that was you and you missed that step. It may seem like you missed one step. No biggie right?  But who knows what you would have accomplished with that one step that you decided not to take because you were not feeling inspired or motivated.

Inspiration and motivation are great to have but it is okay when they are not there.  You still have what it takes to get closer to your overall goals. You can simply just show up and watch what happens.  You will find that you make some of the greatest progress.

This can be used in other areas of life. There will be times when you are inspired and motivated by the thousandth power.  But let’s keep it real and acknowledge that there will be times when you are not.  You may even find yourself in a funk because things are not happening at your speed.

Guess what though? The beautiful thing about just showing up is that any positive action that you do during that time will get you closer to your overall goals.

Until next time


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