Which do you prefer? New Year’s Resolution or Word of the Year

Hey loves, the new year is here. I know many have set New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t set them. In the past, I wasn’t too successful with them. When I think back on it, it probably was because they were set without any steps attached to them throughout the year. I don’t know.

Now, don’t get me wrong if setting New Year’s Resolutions work for you then, by all means, do it. I do however give myself a theme for the year through a word. More about that a little later.

In the beginning of the year, I do like to reflect on the previous year to see my accomplishments & fails. It gives me an idea of how my monthly goals pan out and what I need to focus on for the upcoming months to get to my overall goals in life.

I like to break my overall goals into monthly goals and attached steps to them. By focusing on monthly actions, I am able to see if something is working or not and if I need to reevaluate, readjust, or just throw something out.

Now let’s get to the word of the year. For the past couple of years, I have been doing the word of the year and it has been helpful. My word of last year was “fearless.” It has even spilled over into the new year.

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Last year, I was stretched in my career and blog because I did not let fear stop me. I mean, fear did show up but I didn’t give it any power.  I don’t know how to explain it but my word of the year “fearless” showed up on almost every occasion and it has been my focus up until the last day of the last year.

One word is so easy to remember and believe it or not, it sounds more achievable. It’s like having that word in my head helped gave me direction regarding my decision-making. It also intertwined with my monthly goals to help me toward achieving my overall goals in life.

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Watching the person I am becoming has been rewarding. At times, I surprised myself. Growth can be hard and I had some tough moments but the outcome is so beautiful. And I am happy to continue on this journey. You learn about abilities you have that you didn’t know existed.

“Like a wild flower, she spent her days allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all knew of her light.” Nikki Rowe

And now we are to the part where I announce my word of the year for 2018. Last year word came from a leap I took at the beginning of the year and it went from there.  I will not let go of last year word because it is now a part of me. This year word is “consistency.”

Being consistent sounds simple but it is powerful. Consistent shows up when you don’t feel like it.  It helps you with your follow through. When it comes to consistency, you got to put pen to paper regarding goals and steps to help you tracked them.  At least, I do.

Do you see that cute planner in the picture above? It was created by a GirlCeo name Ronne Brown. This is one of the tools that I will be using to help with consistency.  Since I have come into the new year as a vegetarian with sprinkles of vegan, her meal prep section & grocery list is going to help me get it together.

She has a place for you write your self affirmations, track your water intake, budget, expenses, giving back, fitness, etc.  There are encouraging quotes and scriptures throughout it. I also love how she has a place in there for self-care and gratitude. If you have been following my blog or social media accounts, you know that I am BIG on self-care and gratitude.

You can tell that she really took into consideration the different roles women play in life.  This planner helps you focus on yourself mentally, physically, & spiritually. You can check it out for yourself here GirlCeoinc,

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How do you start your new year? New Year’s Resolution, Word of the year, goals, etc

Until next time

5 thoughts on “Which do you prefer? New Year’s Resolution or Word of the Year

  1. Hi 0 nice post – and awesome photo – the slippers – nails- bev… ahhh
    anyhow, for us – we take it one year at a time – sometimes some big goals are in place as life dictates it – other times – a word might do just fine.

  2. Great post, I prefer a word of the year and goal setting as IfI make resolutions I don’t stick to them and then beat myself up over it (well did in past). I’ve just finished making myself a mood board of my goals for this year.

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