4 Ways To Stop Overthinking


Hey loves, as I was thinking about my word of the year “consistency,” I begin to think about overthinking. This caused me to look at my blog and see if I ever wrote about it. One of my goals with my blog is to create an environment where one can come to find inspiration and encouragement but I often go back and read my own blog posts as they provide inspiration and encouragement to me also. Win, win for us all.

So, no content on overthinking. I would say that is weird because I am a big over thinker at times. I mean, I work on it daily but I still find myself sometimes stuck cause of it. In my last blog post, I wrote about how my word of the year serves as a guide.

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Well, it is causing me to touch on overthinking. Why? Overthinking affects a lot of things but most importantly, it affects consistency. How can you be consistent when you second guess or talk yourself out of doing things?

There is one episode of Grey’s Anatomy when a young boy from another country is sitting on the ground crying at the concession stand and Dr. Riggs asked him what is wrong. He was crying because there were so many options and he didn’t know what or how to decide. Believe it or not, too many options can sometimes cause stress and create stagnation.

This caused me to think about my overthinking struggles. Sometimes we can fill ourselves up with so much knowledge of something until we become unsure of what to do.  And we do nothing. Why we do nothing? Because we overthink and get stuck in the first step of our plan. We put too much into the beginning stage and start questioning everything with creating the worst case scenarios in our head. It’s like we talk ourselves out of it.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world”-Norman Vincent Peale

It is a struggle. But guess what? Just like we talk ourselves out of it, we can talk ourselves into it. I love love love this quote by Norman Vincent Peale.  It is a short quote but it is so powerful. It gives you the control and power to change things.


If you are struggling with overthinking. You have the power to change it. Will it be easy? No. Will you have setbacks? Probably. But if you acknowledge it and work on it, you will get pass that first step of whatever it is you are wanting to do. And the skills that you think you don’t have is waiting for you on the other side. And what you don’t know, you will learn as you move along.

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Let’s conclude this with a list of 4 ways to kill overthinking when working on your goals. I like to set down and make lists. They help me put things in perspective.

1. As Nike would say, “Just do it.” Just start. Will you have fear sometimes? Yes, do it anyway.

2. You got this idea and you want to conduct some research. Take notice of the amount of research you do. Research is good but too much can be overwhelming and confusing. It is like having too many options.  As I mentioned above with the scene of Grey’s Anatomy, too many options can result in stagnation. Stagnation leads to nothing.

3. Don’t stay on the first step of your plan too long. Give yourself a time frame and stick to it. Completing each step of your plan is progress. You’re striving for progress, not perfection. Consistent progress will get you to your destination.

4. Turn off those negative Nancy’s in your head. Shut them down. Remember the quote I mentioned a few paragraphs ago. Change your thoughts. Be your own cheerleader.  Confide in a friend or mentor you trust if you need help.

These are some of the times when overthinking comes into play the most and it makes it difficult to be consistent. I know, all of this is easier said than done. Trust me. When you start and get the ball rolling, you are gonna amazed yourself. Taking action stops overthinking.

When I first started this blog, it was a struggle and I thought I was not ready. If I had waited until I felt the time was right by overthinking, I would be still waiting. A lot I did not know and still don’t know. But guess what? I am learning and have learned a lot along the way.

We forget that we are beautifully and wonderfully made and we have what it takes.  So I say this to you, “You are beautifully and wonderfully made and you have what it takes.”

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How do you stop overthinking when it comes?

Until next time



12 thoughts on “4 Ways To Stop Overthinking

  1. Such a relatable post! I can often overthink and dissect every possible outcome. Which then just makes me more confused. Definitely turning off negative nancy’s in my head helps. I try to just make quick decisions and go with instinct. Love the photos as well. x

  2. Awesome Post!!! I tend to overthink things when I struggle or doubt myself, the what if you fail or I am too old for this big of a change. Then last year I found out my daughter is autistic and just the other day I was talking to her about in our moments of struggle we learn the most about ourselves and life… hahaha So as #1 said just do it and as for #4 I just need to take my own advice!!!! Bookmarked this post for a reminder when needed! Thank you!!

  3. I think simplicity really does help. I’ve found that when I start thinking too much for making too many grand plans I start to doubt myself.

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