5 Steps to Create a Positive & Focus Mood to Plan A Great Week

Hey loves, it’s been a while. I know. Before I go any further, let me give you a quick update on my no meat journey. It has been 18 months without meat. Yay!!

Who knew over a year and a half ago, I would be where I am today in this journey. All it took was starting with baby steps.

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Spring is finally here. Hello Spring. Happy for you to grace us with your presence. The new season inspired me to change my workout regimen and eating routine. I increased my calories intake and added strength training.

To my surprise, I broke a plateau and lost a couple of pounds. Yay for now! The goal will change soon. I will save that for another blog post.

Let’s get to it. I have learned on this journey that planning is important. Who am I kidding? More like, very very important. It has been a BIG FACTOR in me achieving my goals.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”-Benjamin Franklin

Since planning play a big role in getting things done, I need to be in a clear & positive state of mind. My tasks need to align with the goals I want to accomplish.  I need to be able to reflect and revise tasks effectively.

So, can you see how this is a big deal? I have created a list of 5 steps to create a positive & focus mood to plan a GREAT week.

Get in some form of exercise. You have been probably running around all week trying to do all the roles you play in your life. Trying to make sure everyone else is straight.

You need to give your mind some time to detach so you can focus on YOU.  Exercise helps you to mentally wind down from life daily duties and release endorphins to get you feeling happy and pump up.

Getting in a healthy meal is another step. Our body needs certain nutrients to function at its highest level mentally and physically wise. When your body is lacking certain nutrients, you may not think at your best.

DIY chipotle burrito bowl including buffalo cauliflower wings, brown rice, black beans, pico de gallo , guacamole, shredded lettuce, & corn with some GG crackers. GG crackers are Scandinavian bran crispbread crackers. They are healthy, helps with fiber intake, & great for appetite control. I must admit that they taste bland alone but they are fine when you mix them with food.

Relaxing environment is another step. You want a relaxing and peaceful space. You don’t want any negative energy trying to creep in. You don’t need to worry about anything except what you need to do to achieve your goals. So, that calls for no Netflix, cable, social media, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, they can be useful in their own way but not while you are trying to focus on tasks to achieve your goals.

So, I like to light one of my favorite bath and body works candles, currently crushing on stress relief with eucalyptus & spearmint. I love the calmness that it provides.  I usually put some kombucha in a wine glass and turn on some music. Currently, I am trying to watch my sugar intake so I am crushing on a virgin mojito.

It is so simple to make. You only need a few ingredients (mint leaves, sparkling water, limes, and a pinch of sugar) and voila you have a relaxing cup of delicious without unwanted calories.

I am playing some India Arie in the background. I don’t know what it is about certain music that helps me to relax and focus. But if it is not broke, don’t fix it right?

I like to use Sunday morning, more like brunch time as my planning time.  It’s like a date with my planner. It helps me organize my week and I fill up its pages with ink. I like to think that we both get what we want. A planner is not any good without any ink in it.

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Since I don’t eat meat, my creativity has been at an all-time high. Trust me, I am not complaining. Grateful is the word that comes to mind. Whenever I am at the grocery store, I walk down aisles and think of meals to put together. I love to chill out at the aisle that has the spices.

I have my mini notebook and jot down what I come up with and save it until planning day. This helps me come up with my meal plans for the next week.

Let’s get back to my planning time. I need some type of structure while breaking down goals and tasks to complete them. The last step includes pulling out a planner.

So, I pull out my planner, sip my virgin mojito, let the music flow through my ears, enjoy the aroma of the candle while writing out my meals, family meals, workout routine, and to do lists for the week.

Sometimes I enjoy sitting on the patio or the oasis of my bedroom. It just depends on how nice the weather is.

Quick recap

If you think about it, self-care can be list as all of these things in one but I wanted to list it separately because everyone has different ways they do self-care.

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How do you set yourself up for a productive week? Do you do specific things to set the mood for your planning time to make sure your mind is positive & focus? I would love to hear any tips you have. Please share.

Off to watch a couple of episodes of Grace & Frankie on Netflix with some vegan brown rice sushi with coconut amino acids (a great alternative to soy sauce). Yum.

Until next time

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