How To Make The Best Nachos Ever Vegan Style

There is nothing like a good ole binge-watch session to catch up on a show with some nachos. It is even better when you can make the nachos healthy. Am I right?

Today, I am sharing on the blog a vegan nachos recipe made with a mixture of black rice, black lentils, & black quinoa. Hmmmm…what a combination right? How did I find this mixture?

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Well, while I was walking down the aisle in the grocery store looking for quinoa, my eyes started to wonder and I saw this mixture.  Don’t you just love it when you are in the store for one particular item and your eyes start wondering in other places? Lol…funny right? Your pockets may not agree tho.

Anyways, as I was saying, my eyes wonder over to a pack of ingredients that I did not recognized.  What on earth could that be in the grain aisle of the store? That is the question I asked myself.

So, I mosey on over there.  As I was reading the title, the word lentils caught my eye first. I never had them before. I wanted to try them.  Quinoa was in it, which is what I was initially looking for.

Then, I saw black rice. Hmmm, I have never heard of that before. So, I went to google and found some benefits. Isn’t it wonderful how we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips?  This mixture is high in protein, fiber, & carbohydrates. It seems like a win for me.

At this point, I do not have a clue as to how this will turn out. Mind you, I have never had any type of lentils before. I have never had black rice. I have had quinoa. Even though I have had quinoa, I am still trying to get use to the texture of it.

I have never had black quinoa tho. So, I am really wondering about it. Is the texture the same as regular quinoa? How are these ingredients going to be mixed all together? Some questions that I kept asking myself.  As you can see, my clueless level is at an all time high right now.

Experiment time!!! No turning back now.  I have spent the money. It is show time, baby.

I know everyone may make tacos different. One person may like more cheese. Another person may like more pico de gallo or salsa.  I mean, everyone taste buds are different.

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So, I will just share what I use instead of exact measurements. It can be adjusted however you like.  So, here goes nothing.  Are you still with me?  Let’s do this.

Ingredients for the vegan nachos

melted vegan mozzarella cheese
cooked mixture with low sodium taco seasoning of black rice, lentils, & quinoa
sliced olives
pico de gallo
chunky salsa
fresh jalapeno
unsalted tortilla chips (You will not miss the salt)
shredded lettuce


Let’s start with the protein.

First, I rinsed the mixture of black rice, black lentils, & black quinoa a few times. Next, I let them cooked for about 10 minutes and rinse them a few more times. I was trying to eliminate any gas issues that may arise. Again, I never had lentils and I read they may be gassy.

After this, I cooked them per instructions on the bag. Next, I drained the water off. I wanted the taco seasoning flavor. I let them cooked per instructions from the low sodium taco seasoning packet.

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Lastly, I mixed all the ingredients together. For the final touch, I squeezed the lime over everything. Viola! Yummy Vegan nachos are born. Well, will you look at that?  They turned out delicious.  The experiment was a SUCCESS. Wipes forehead.

Cheers to making the best nachos ever Vegan Style

Now if you are plant based or vegan, I know you have experienced some hit or miss moments with vegan cheese.  Trust me, this brand is delicious & it is dairy & soy free.  I had to snap a picture for you. I enjoy this brand.

Note: I did keep in mind calorie intake regarding this particular protein (since it is high in carbohydrates also), vegan cheese, & guacamole. The calories with these 3 ingredients can get high pretty fast if you don’t watch it.

See, you can still enjoy your favorite meals or snacks plantbased/vegan style.  You just have to be a little more creative.

I will say, it is more of a fulfilling meal instead of a snack. Yay!!!  I mean, it can totally be a snack if you like. It depends on how much ingredients you use.  As a plantbased/vegan eater, it is always great to find yummy ways to get in protein with all of your other nutrients.

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These were a hit in my house. This is always a plus in my books.  I love making healthy dishes that my whole family will love.

My kids love them and my husband has called home from work putting in a request for some.  Now, you know, a wife loves when the husband is requesting a healthy meal. You feel me ladies? My respond is always, “Yeah Babe, of course.”

How do you make your nachos?  What are your favorites ingredients? Do you eat nachos as a snack or meal? Let me know in the comments.

What are you guys up to today?

I’m off to enjoy some of these nachos and catch up on the show “Good Girls.” My sister has been waiting for me to watch the rest of the episodes so we can have our discussion about the latest events in the show.

I am behind maybe 5 episodes. I don’t think that is that bad. Well, it is when we she has to wait to talk about it. Let me act like a good sister and catch up on the episodes.  So, we can get our discussion on.

Until next time

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