Breakfast Tacos with Black Beans and Jicama Taco Shells

So breakfast taco is a thing in Texas. After been here for almost six years, I have grown accustomed to this idea. Lately, I have stirred away from them because of the tortilla.

Since I already eat unsalted tortilla chips with nachos, I would use lettuce to make tacos for lunch or dinner.

While I was doing my regular exploring in the grocery store, I came across some Jicama taco shells (tortillas).

This was my first time seeing these. I took my phone out and opened up google and found out that they are low carb, high fiber, high antioxidants, a root vegetable, and the taste is fine.

Excitement is in the air. I couldn’t wait to get home. There is all type of ways to make tacos. I change mine up all the time. Lately, I have been loving this quick recipe.

I didn’t document any measurements because no two tacos are ever the same. To me, the measurements of the ingredients will depend on what taste I am going for at the moment.

Let me say, the jicama taco shells (tortillas) are great. I couldn’t believe it. They have a little crunch and compliment the flavors of the ingredients you add to the tacos nicely. My kids love them too. This is always a plus. My family will let me know if the taste is off.

Click here for the full recipe

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend

Until next

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