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Quick Simple Breakfast.Vegan Avocado Toast with Mushrooms & Tomatoes

Hey loves, I was thinking that you can not have a blog about healthy living without the basic avocado toast lol. Am I right? or Am I right? lol

There are so many different ways to experiment with avocado toast. The possibilities are endless. You really can not get bored with making avocado toast.

So, I am sharing the link from my blog on one of my quick, simple, & fulfilling avocado toast recipe.

Sometimes, I don’t want a smoothie or smoothie bowl for breakfast. There are times when I want some vegan pancakes or a meal with some bread in it. Hence, avocado toast.

Now when it comes to bread. All bread is not created equal. I am using some Ezekiel Bread Cinnamon Raisin for this recipe. It is sprouted 100% Whole Grain Bread. 1 slice is 80 calories. So, 2 slices come in at 160 calories.

It is a carbohydrate but also a complete protein with no trans fats. It is flourless and low glycemic and it is natural with no preservatives. It is filled with fiber. The only con that I will say about this bread is that it is not gluten free.

Click here for full recipe

Wishing everyone a beautiful and joyful week.

Until next time

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