Blueberry Kombucha Smoothie


Hey loves, Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to discuss a new way that I have been enjoying kombucha lately. I found out about kombucha almost three years ago.

It was recommended to me by someone I worked with. She told me about a family member who was dealing with some serious health issues. She also mentioned how kombucha was very helpful to her.

So, I googled the benefits. You got to love to google. Am I right? lol. I have been hooked ever since. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I am just sharing my experience. I recommend you run this by your doctor first before you add it to your diet.

If you would like to research more about kombucha, check out this article by WellnessMama. It is a very detailed article on the benefits and cons of kombucha.

It is discussed how kombucha may help to support the detoxification of the liver, better energy, improved digestion, and help your body absorb nutrients better.

Three main benefits of kombucha I have experienced are high energy levels, immune support & improved gut health.

I can last longer during my workouts due to the increase of energy levels.

It provides good support to my immune system during this crazy weather in Texas. I barely get sick.

It is full of probiotics (they need a blog post of their own). When I drink it consistently, it does wonder for my skin. This is probably due to the probiotics (gut health).

I had to reduced to drinking it a few times a week due to the carbonation of it causing bloat. I know there are other ways to get probiotics. Sometimes, I just have that itch for some good ole kombucha.


I have tried a few but I always find my way back to the Gingerberry by Synergy. It is not so much the taste. The berry does help the taste out but it is still an acquired taste.There are some flavors that I will give higher points in the tasting category.

It is something about the combination of ginger (needs it own blog post) mixed with probiotics & the tea that does something for my body as soon as I drink it. I initially feel better.

Even though there are a lot of benefits associated with kombucha, there are a couple of cons.

As I stated earlier, bloat may happen due to the carbonation.

Alcohol has naturally occurred during the fermentation process. The level is very low but it is there. If you are sensitive to alcohol, this may be a con for you and you may want to avoid it.

Now to the reason for this post. I wanted to try kombucha differently. Hence, this blueberry kombucha smoothie.

Quick recipe

1 cup of frozen blueberries or mixed berries (depending on what I am feeling)
1 cup of kombucha (ginger berry)
vegan protein powder (I am loving french vanilla at the moment)
liquid b12 drops
optional: add ice

Mixed everything in the blender and viola

Do you drink kombucha? Do you have any benefits to share? Do you have any favorite flavors to recommend?

Off to enjoy one of these smoothies and watch The Ozark on Netflix.

Until next time





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