Tasty Way To Enjoy Papaya

what is the best way to eat papaya

How do you eat papaya? I like to eat papaya by cutting up one half in slices, scooping the seeds out of it, & squeezing lime juice all over it.

To me, the lime juice is needed to cut down on the smell & taste of the papaya. I can not eat it without the lime juice.

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Next, I add pomegranate arils, blueberries, & frozen strawberries.

Sometimes, I mixed these ingredients together in the blender with plant based milk, juice, or water for a smoothie.

Quick health information on papaya

According to medicalnewstoday.com (2017), papaya is a great source for vitamin c. It also contains beta carotene, zeaxanthin, magnesium, copper, folate, vitamin A, pantothenic acid, fiber, and a host of others nutrients.

How do you enjoy papaya?

Until next time


Ware, M. (2017). What Are The Health Benefits of Papaya? Retrieved from https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/275517

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