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5 Tips To Reduce Stress


Due to the different roles individuals may play in life and the uncontrollable situations that may arise, stress may easily creep into their daily lives as a result.    It is crucial that individuals participate in self-care behaviors to reduce stress.  It is very easy for individuals to participate in self-care behaviors such as brushing teeth and bathing/showering daily but sometimes it seems difficulty to participate in self-care behaviors such as relaxation and “Me” time.  All of them are important in regards to individuals’ overall health. Read more

3 Simple Ways To Give Your Day A Positive Boost

3 Simple Ways To Give Your Day A Positive Boost

How you start your morning can influence how your day goes.  You have the power to help shape the way your mind thinks.  You can turn your reality into peace or chaos through the information you feed your brain.  Sometimes, life does not go as you plan but you can make the choice on how you let it effect your overall being.  The best time to work on your mind is in the morning before anything happens.  Shape how your day will be.  Here are 3 tasks I incorporate into my morning routine that boost my day in a positive direction. Read more

3 Positive Ways To End The Day

3 Positive Ways To End THE Day

In order to be productive for the week, it’s important to let go of any stressors that may have developed throughout the day.  If we hold on to daily stressors, we may wear our mind and body down overall.  Also by holding on to yesterday’s stressors, this helps us to focus more on the next day stressors which will make it difficult to get in solution mode for solving them.

I discussed a few months ago about How important it is to start your day with a boost of positivity.  I will say this post is part 2 of that post.  I don’t think that we can have a positive way to start the day routine without having a positive way to end the day routine. Read more

To Do List Out Of Control? Don’t Stress! Go for a Laugh

To do list out of control Don't Stress! Go for a laugh

When you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t stress it.  Go for a laugh.  This past week has been a bit much (overwhelming to be exact).  It seemed like my duties on my to do list took on a mind of their own.  I found myself constantly adding to the list which led me all over the place. On top of that, I was not feeling my best.  Read more

Are You Worrying? 2 Steps To Stop

Have you been worrying 2 Steps To Stop Worrying

Have you ever been going through a situation and it seemed that all you could do was worry? I mean just worrying, worrying, worrying nonstop.  Did it really help your situation? I can answer that quickly. No.  I can say that I have found myself falling into the pit of worrying about some things that occurred in my life.  It seemed so easy to do. Read more

Do you journal? Journaling can be therapeutic

Journaling can be therapeutic

I love journaling.  I have been writing down my thoughts and ideas for years.  There have also been times when I didn’t and felt that I should have.   Have you ever had a great idea or thought and when you tried to think about it again, you couldn’t.   When I think back on it, I  wish I had taken the time to write them down.  I wish I had taken the time to entertain the ideas through writings on paper. Read more

3 Ways To Add Happiness To Life

3 ways to add happiness to life

Happiness involves the daily acts of choices you make in life and how you view life’s situation.  You see, happiness is a choice.  It took me a while to really grasp this but I am so glad that I did.  It is not a destination or an end result.  Even though I am a work in progress, I now understand that happiness derives from the choices that I choose to make daily and how I choose to view what is going on.  I pick my happiness.  I do not have to wait on it.  I can find some happiness in everyday. Read more

Gratitude makes life fulfilling

Gratitude jar-Gratitude makes life fulfilling

I know that sometimes the different roles you play in life may have you so busy until it seems like you just don’t have the time to stop and sit for a second.  I encourage you take a second and sit and think about the good and blessings in your life.  Your life will be so much better, I know mine is. Read more

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