Some Eating/Working Out Tips | Part 1

Workout and Healthy Eating Tips Part 1

I am still going strong.  April has been a great month.  I alternate between indoor and outdoor workouts every week.  When I am doing indoor workout, my first workout of the day consisted of cardio including intervals on treadmill and elliptical.  This workout is usually done in one hour and thirty minutes.  My second workout consisted of strength training with Tony Horton DVD (10 minute trainer) ( I try to get at least 2 in), or hip hop abs. This workout is done whether I do indoors or outdoors first.  My outdoor workout consisted of power walking with intervals of jogging, stair running, and intervals of running up a hill.

I  have recently added a hiit exercise to my workouts in April.  I have only incorporated this workout once a week.  I also try to take my rest or recovery day after the day of the hiit workout.  I found a hiit workout on you tube under fit fluential fat shrinker.  That workout kicks my butt every time.  This polar watch has been a great tool during my journey thus far.  It helps to motivate me to increase my calories burn.  This is my burn for the last day of the April. 

My water intake in April  has been fine for the most part.  I aim for  one gallon of water a day.  I add lemons to my water.  My eating habits were good.  I incorporated smoothies for breakfast (alternate between fresh juices), lunch was baked chicken breast/salmon with veggies, and dinner consisted of baked chicken breast or baked chicken legs with boiled eggs.  I also snack on nuts throughout the day.  For the last week in April, I experimented with infused waters.  I will be doing more of them in May.

raspberry smoothie                         beet

garlic                      how to sweetened water naturally                 chicken


Week 7

I am learning how to pay attention to my body doing this journey.  It is important to know how food may benefit or hinder my progress.  While I was working on my master’s degree, I was always conducting some type of research regarding how or why individuals participate in certain activities throughout their lives from a mental stance. Even though I am not in school, I am still learning.  Now, I am conducting research regarding benefits or side effects of certain foods to the body from a physical stance.

There is never a stopping point to obtaining knowledge.

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4 thoughts on “Some Eating/Working Out Tips | Part 1

  1. Intervals are a great way to go exercise wise, nice work!
    Thanks for the Like on my latest Post too! I’m about to start a series of ‘Q&A’s’. so let me know if there are any particular Posts you’d like to see!

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