How to add moisture to hair with co wash

Adding moisture to hair with co wash is an easy method to do.

Co WashingEasy way to add moisture to hair

While on a healthy hair journey, the need of your hair may change.  It is important to listen to your hair.  Currently, my hair is very dry and I am maybe 6 weeks post.  I successfully completed a 6 months stretched but it was something else lol.  I always tell myself that I will not do it again but if my hair needs the break from relaxer, I do it.  My hair really needed it though but back to this post though.

Co washing is a method that is use to help put moisture into the hair.  We all know how a chemical such as relaxer can dry the hair out and I am a relaxed girl.  So, I have to co wash with a moisturizing conditioner.  I have been co washing my hair 1x a week and deep conditioning after it.

For this post,  I am just discussing the co wash day.  I have not jump on the bandwagon of co wash conditioner yet because regular conditioner to co wash my hair have been working for me for the past 4 or 5 yrs.  My favorite is Herbal Essences Hello Hydration right now.  I do alternate between Suave, V05, and Herbal Essences.

Here is my routine on co wash day

I co wash 3x a month.   2x out of my co wash days, I will prepoo. You can check prepoo out here.

After I have prepooed, I proceed to co wash with herbal essences hello hydration.

If I do not have to prepoo, I will just start the co wash process.  I use the conditioner as I would use shampoo.  Next,  I let it sit in my hair for a few minutes (5 or 6 ).

Then, I deep conditioning my hair (you don’t have to always do this after co washing, but my hair is very dry and it needs the extra treatment).  I am using ORS replenishing conditioner   with my mixture of oil. I let it stay in for an hour without heat.  Next, I wash it out with cold water and use a t-shirt to get a lot of the water out of my hair.  After that, I let it air dry to about 75% and put in a leave in conditioner (currently I have been using an aloe vera juice mix with water).  This has been doing wonders for my hair since I added color to it.

When it is completely air dry, I moisturized and sealed my hair and put it in some plaits.

My hair has been responding well to this schedule.

Happy Hair Journey!! 🙂

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