10 Ways To Increase Self Esteem

When you don’t feel good about yourself, it creates a world of stagnation and hopelessness. It is necessary to keep self-esteem in check to have a good state of mind.  Many of our decisions are intertwined into self-esteem.  If you think you don’t have what it takes to get that job, you may not try.  If you think that you can’t go back to school and get a degree, you probably won’t try.  If you think you do not have what it takes to start a blog, you probably won’t start it.  If you think no one will read a book you write, you probably won’t write it.

If you think that you can not make it living in another state, you probably won’t move.   If you think you can’t attract positive people in life, you probably won’t. If you think that you can’t have a successful life, you probably won’t.  And this can go on and on but why? I mean why? Who told you all of this? Where did these thoughts come from?  Just because they come to your mind does not mean you have to agree with them.

For real though, why are these thoughts setting up residency in your head? When I think about why they were living in my head, I think about the way I was feeling about myself. I was feeling like ain’t (yes ain’t) no way I could achieve what I was wanting.  When I chickened out, it is because I second, third, fourth, who I am kidding lol, fifty guess myself by thinking, well over thinking that I am not good enough, I do not have what it takes, why would this happen for me, etc.  You know crazy thoughts like that.

And this brings me to self-esteem. Self esteem deals with how we value ourselves including worth. The times I chickened out, I couldn’t grasp the value that I bring to whatever it is that I wanted to do.  I couldn’t grasp the skills that I will develop by trying.  I couldn’t grasp the beauty of learning that I will acquire if it didn’t work out.  I couldn’t grasp the possibilities of the positives that will result in my decision to give it a try. I couldn’t grasp the doors that would open because I took the first step.  I couldn’t grasp the growth that I would gain. Do you see what I lost by chickening out.

So, how do we keep self-esteem in check? I would call it an ongoing process. We participate in daily activity that helps us develop positive self-esteem. I don’t think that there is one particular thing to do but a summation of many.  I know there are many ways but I am going to share a few.

Take Risks

The experiences that come with taking risks are priceless. You will learn things about yourself that help you identify your value and increase your worth. Things that were always there but you hadn’t given them permission to come out yet. You will surprise, even impress yourself.

Self Care

It is important to take care of yourself. Giving your body and mind what it needs helps you think clearly and helps you to develop the mindset to see the good and positives in yourself. Make sure to get some self-care moments in throughout the week.

Surround yourself with supportive people

A positive support system is critical when it comes to self-esteem. There have been times that I was feeling some type of way about myself and my support system was able to remind me of my strengths and positives.

Love on yourself

When you love on yourself, you learn what you really like and want in life not what society or people have told you. When you love yourself, some things and people you will not accept in your life. For e.g. negative, toxic people & negative media hinders your thinking process believe it or not. You will not accept that type of negativity in your life.


Exercise can help you feel better mentally and physically by the endorphins that are release. When you feel better, you think better. Simple, right?

Have fun

Sometimes we get so tied down with responsibilities in life until we forget that we use to have fun. Take time out and enjoy yourself. Have fun and soak up those fun and joyful feelings that go through your body.

Help others

When you help others, it benefits both parties. It provides assistance to the person in need and it creates a helper’s high for the giver and may reduce stress studies have found. It is always a great feeling to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Manage fear

Most times we like to run from fear or block it but fear could be useful if we look at it in a certain way. Some fear is necessary to survive in life. For e.g. fear will come to mind when it is dark and you are going to your car alone at midnight. If you can avoid it, you may decide not to do that. For e.g. fear can help you see what steps you may need to take when you are taking a chance in life.

Instead of letting fear stop you, let it help you. Turn the negative into a positive. Does that make sense? For e.g, when we move to another state where we did not know anyone, fear was in my head daily. It didn’t stop me from wanting to go but it made me look up good neighborhoods and schools for the kids. I was able to use it in a positive way.

Don’t participate in comparison

Everyone is not on the same journey in life.  Comparison can be dangerous to self-esteem. For e.g. you looking at a person who had tried again, again and again and they finally succeed at their goals and it is profitable to them. You weren’t there for all of the failed attempts but you see the final time they tried and got it right.

So, you look at your life and get depress because you are not where you want to be at yet. You’re not taking in consideration that person’s journey and what they had to go through to get to where you see them at now.  Trust your journey and that you are where you suppose to be at this moment.

Self compassion

When it comes to compassion, you always hear talk or read discussion about showing or giving compassion to others, but what about giving compassion to yourself. Don’t get me wrong. Showing compassion to others is great and needed in this world we live in. I can’t help but to think how helpful self compassion could be in the part we play in the overall scheme of things.

We are imperfect individuals and will mess up sometimes and we need to be OK with that. We can be so hard on ourselves. We mess up and act like it is the end of the world. We treat ourselves bad and talk down to ourselves. This can help create a negative view of self.  By giving ourselves compassion, we treat ourselves with tender loving care and provide comfort. This gives us a chance to bounce back, get back up, or keep going.

The mind is powerful and it can play tricks on you if you let it. Well, really you find yourself playing tricks on yourself. This is why is it important to be mindful of self esteem, learn what drives it, and how it helps guide your decisions.  I have taken chances and everything that I thought I couldn’t grasp, I did.

Those chances turned out to be beautiful experiences wrapped in knowledge, scary, advancement, growth resulting in empowerment. And there have been times that I didn’t take the chance and wonder what if. I am in a place in my life that I would rather take the chance and be Ok with how it turns out than wonder what if. How about you?

What ways do you use to increase self-esteem?

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5 Ways To Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Blah

Do you ever find yourself in an unmotivated state? You know what you need to do but you don’t feel the desire to do it. You feel like it’s taking forever to get to the outcome that you have picture your head. You almost find yourself losing hope that you will ever get there. The good news is that it will not last forever and is only temporary.  I want you to take a moment to stop and think about what would happen if you let those temporary moments dictate your journey.  Words that come to mind are regrets, defeated, stagnation, depression, etc.  For myself, I don’t want to give temporary moments that type of power over my journey.

I have felt like this a time or two. Wait, multiply that by at least 10 lol and I am quite sure I will feel it again in the future. Does this mean that I am giving in to the thought that I am going be unmotivated? No, well, maybe yes. Stay with me though, it means that I have acknowledged it and will be able to help myself when it happens again. You see, in life when working on goals, preparation is BIG. Are you able to prepare for everything that happens? Probably not, but that shouldn’t stop you from making preparation for what you can.

I can remember when I first started creating photos for my blog. It seems like it took forever for me to get the lighting better and I am not where I want to be but I am proud of my progress. There were so many frustrating unmotivated moments. I think about it now and can laugh but I promise you it wasn’t funny back then. What if I let those temporary moments tell me that I couldn’t do it?  I wouldn’t be able to exercise my creative side or even know that part existed anymore.

My feelings for those moments were real but not valid. The power to make them valid is within me. Your motivation can be like your driver license. As long as they are valid, you are licensed to drive but as soon as they expire you are not. It is real that you are a driver but it is not valid because of your expired license.

Until you go to the DMW and get it renewed, it cannot be use to show you are licensed to drive.  That is how I think about the unmotivated moments. They are real but I have the power to make them valid and I can choose not to.  I can choose to renew my motivation and make it valid. Of course I need help along the way.

Now let’s get to some ways I get through the unmotivated moments. Of course, you may have different ways and that is perfectly ok.  I said 5 but I added a bonus one.

  1. Get some fresh air and go for a walk
  2. Go and read a magazine, blog, book, etc that has nothing to do with what you are working on
  3.  Take a nap
  4.  Gardening
  5.  Love on myself
  6. Binge watch a show on Netflix (Don’t judge me lol)

All of these ways help me to step back, relax, and reset.   I may do one or three depending on the severity of the unmotivated moments. These cause me to step back from the frustration and give myself moments to breathe. After these moments, I am able to think about my why and regroup if needed.  My motivation is recover and I am ready to continue on.


What ways do you use to get out of the unmotivated moments?

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Pampering Time | Hair & Skin Care

There is nothing like taking time out to give yourself a pampering day.  I was so excited to use a day on the weekend as an at home spa day to give my hair and skin some care.  A couple of weeks ago I picked up some face masks at Sally’s and I have been hooked on them ever since. If you caught my post last month, you read about my self care kit.  I make sure to get some self care moments in through the week.   They are important and needed but been able to dedicate a whole day to focus on just me is priceless.  And I am all for participating in ways to  reduce stress.

I mean, it can become so easy to get caught up in caring for everyone else until you forget about yourself.  You may even find yourself feeling a little guilty. I get it, I really do.  But don’t, tell yourself that you need it and they (your people) need you to  take time out for yourself too.  And in all honestly, what does neglecting yourself do for you and your people in the long run?  Think long and deep about it.  You can insert your answer here.


Let’s get to my at home spa day.  Oh wait, let me try to set the scene for you. I had my favorite candles lit and some soft & relaxing music playing and I was in some comfy clothes.  Let’s not forget my favorite cup of deliciousness, Chai Tea Latte in one of my beautiful tumblers.  Depending on what I am needing will determined the kind of at home spa day I will create.  Usually I give myself a spa night through the week that focus on relieving stress and relaxing but I am working on strengthening my hair and taking better care of my skin so I decided to focus on hair and skin care for this spa day.


Protein treatments help to strengthened hair. I gave my hair a light protein treatment.  This process does take a while due to the other steps it entails.  I shared a while back on my process.  You can check it out here if you like.  The process is still mostly the same but the products may be different.  The face mask is supposed to deep clean and purify pores and I could truly use that as I keep oil in my hair and you know how that goes sometimes.


I washed my hair and applied the product for the hair treatment and I use my favorite facial cleanser to clean my face and then I put on the avocado and oatmeal face mask.  I love the way this mask made my skin feel afterwards.  I will be picking up the regular size for this mask and use it in my weekly routine.  Next, I am going to try the Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress by Freemans as it sounds like it would fit right in with at home spa day, with the key word been “anti-stress.”

As the hair treatment and face mask were doing their work, I didn’t have a care in the world. I was zoned out in my music feeling relaxed and free. Then, I realized that I was taking care of my mind, body, and soul.  I peacefully got a good nap in and enjoyed the rest of day off stress free.

Do you give yourself an at home spa day?

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How I Create A Self Care Kit

Hey loves, have you been enjoying the first week of the new year?  I have been working on tasks to help me with some goals that I started working on the end of the last year.  Last year, I attended a training in self care and it was mentioned how important it is to create a list of self care activities to have at any given time.  As I was looking back on last year, I realized that I participated in self care activities a lot.

I picked up a pretty basket from Target and was trying to figure out what to do with it and decided to use it to store my goodies I use for self care and created a self care kit.  I can imagine self care kits have been around a long time and I find them to be great tools as you are been proactive in maintaining your health.

Say, you had a long day at work and you are exhausted but you get home and continue working because you have duties to do at home and crashed. You wake up the next morning to do it again. You continue to do this for weeks or months at a time.  You find yourself tired all the time and sometimes not wanting to do the tasks that you set for yourself.

Your body and mind has not had time to relax and break from everyday wear and tear.  This is when self care plays a major role in our lives.  When you take time out to care for yourself, you are giving your body and mind a rest and a moment to relax.  A moment to calm down from all of the hustle and bustle.  After that rest and relaxation, you feel good overall, you feel rejuvenated, you feel some peace, etc.

I know after I give myself some self care I am able to develop solutions to certain things better.  Every one self care kit may be different but the goal is the same. I picked objects that I like and that will help me relax.


Coloring book

I started Adult coloring last year.  It is such as relaxing and peaceful time for me and it allows me to be creative and to decide how I want my picture to be.  I am in full control and I can color out of the line if I want to. Ok, that is a great feeling sometimes especially when life can seem the opposite.


How do I even began about journaling?  I love love it.  I write down thoughts, ideas, happy moments, sad moments, dreams, goals, etc. It takes a lot to get me upset but when I do some of the things that come to my mind do not need to be said out loud but I can write them down to get them out.  After that, I am able to focus on why those words or thoughts were my reaction, think about the situation, and respond or react appropriately.  As I mentioned in a post a while back, the pen can write what you can not say.


I love this mug, “Don’t Kill My Vibe.”  When I saw it in the store, I was like I won’t let you lol. I don’t know what I was referring to exactly, maybe the infamous “negative self talk” or people who try to kill your dreams. I think it will be a great reminder though during my coffee and tea for self care moments.

Coffee & Tea

I just love sitting in my favorite chair and sipping on some coffee or tea depending on which one I am in mood for.


Essential oils, candle, & favorite lotion

Aromatherapy is the business. It makes for a great spa day/night. I love scented candles & essential oil diffusers.  Their scents make the atmosphere of the room so relaxing and smell of essential oils may help relieve stress.  I use them for the morning and evening. I love the zone I get in when I use them in the morning when I am writing down my grateful moments. I also love the zone they put me in when I use them in the evening with a long bath.  I light my candle, have some relaxing music playing, some epsom salts (not pictured), and essential oils in my bath and just relax.


I use my phone or iPad (not pictured).  Music is therapeutic to me because some songs can describe how I am feeling and also how I want to feel.

Sometimes, the objects in my kit may change but for the most part, these are what I use now.

Do you have a self care kit?

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Review of 2016 Word, Transform


Hey loves, it’s that time to say good-bye to this year and welcome in the new year. As I look back over the months, I find myself with many words and then there are times when I find myself with no words.  My word for the year was “transform” and boy has there been change going on in me.  When I selected that word, I had no idea the work that would come behind it.  I had moments of tears of sadness and joy.  I had to learn how to let go of the old and position myself to prepare for the new.  In order to do that, I had to grasp the understanding that the old was no longer going to get me to the next level of life. This can be scary because it is unfamiliar territory.  You become a student during transforming.

If I was to say that was HARD, that would be an understatement.  I participated in a lot of personal development. We play so many roles in life. When I am not playing the role of wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee, etc., who am I? When I tell you that getting to know yourself can be something else, it can, well to me it was. Then, there were times when I got frustrated in the process because I was so used to, well not use to, but comfortable in my comfort zone.  I have been getting uncomfortable for the past 3 years. Each time, it has been scary but rewarding.

On top of that, my health wanted to act up which cause me to slow down.  Thank God so much for my husband, children, and sister. They have been Amazeballs.  I love exercising but I have been limited to what I can do and that has been a struggle itself because I also use it as one of the ways I release stress.  Even though we are nearing the end of the year, I have found peace (this was difficult) with my current workout regimen.  I am ready for 2017 to crush goals.

I will say that I had a break through moment when I finally decided to watch, “War Room.” Well, I read the book first and it was just what I needed to start the break through and the movie just finish it for me.  The movie has been out for a while but I always said I would watch it later.  But this particular moment in my life, I made it my business to find it.  I like to think that I watched it at the right time because when I say my prayer life has been on 100, more like a 1000.  I have to send praises up for this.   Every since the beginning of this blog, I have been working on my relationship with God and it has been progressing and I thanked him. God has continue to let me know that he got me.

As for my blog, I would like to thank everyone who take time out to read my thoughts.  I am grateful for every message I received encouraging me to continue on and how you have been inspired through my little corner on the internet.  There has been some transforming on the blog also. I have changed the name to “Life Through Fancy Eyes.” I am going to pull this from the mission statement.  My aunt always say that there is a bright side in a situation, we just have to look for it.  Perspective is important regarding life. It is so easy to get caught up in the struggles until we can’t view life with our best eyes.

In order to view life with our best eyes (fancy eyes I like to call it), we have to give ourselves breaks from what is going on.  Sometimes we can be so stress until it becomes difficult to operate in a proper manner.  I want this to be a place where you can come and get a pleasant distraction, take a break, & regroup if you have to.  With topics ranging from healthy living, fitness, hair care, self-care, a dab of beauty & fashion with sprinkles of inspiration.

Honestly, I wouldn’t say that I have completed transforming but for the most part, I have put a dent in this goal.  I see progress in my faith, health, family, work, & blog.  I am blessed because my good days really did outweigh the bad ones.  My husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage this year.  I thanked God for my relationship with my kids. I have been enjoying time with myself.  I have been enjoying more life moments.  I have been taking time out to just breathe and smell the roses.  I have been living not just existing.  In conclusion, I feel good about how this year has turn out and may do a word of the year next year.  All of these goals with words of the year build on one another.

Saying good bye to 2016 and looking forward to all 2017 has to offer. Did you have a word for the year for 2016?

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Ready for a New Life? Embrace Change

Ready for a new life Embrace change

I have been hearing the saying lately “Your new life is going to cost you your old one” a lot.  I remember wanting a change for my life a couple of years ago. A change that included getting closer with Jehovah. This change has been going on every since. It has been a blessing but I have had to change the way I think and do things (ongoing process).

This has not been easy.  Just let me say this, old habits can be a headache to break, especially when you thought that you had it all figure out and thought you knew what was best.  Ha, I have to laugh at myself for thinking that.  The other day I was browsing on my husband’s blog and one of his posts described the process of your new life is going to cost you your old one.

It seems am going in circles to get to my path in life…Reasons unknown or maybe just to loose the unnecessary while gaining the necessary….
When I’m putting a puzzle together….I pick up pieces….Just to put down pieces…Am I confused or maybe it’s just to ge the right pieces to put the puzzle together correctly….
Yesterday I failed heavily…
Today I failed lightly…. Am I a failure or am I learning how to succeed for tomorrow
Freddie B

My interpretation of what my husband wrote includes understanding that you have to drop things or thinking processes from the old life and it is a journey because it will take some time to get it out of your system , so it feels like you going in circles but you’re really not, you are just loosing the unnecessary and gaining the necessary.  It seems like it is taking you forever to finished the puzzle but you are doing away with the old and tapping into the new by going through the pieces of puzzle.

Through it all, it seems like you are failing because you are so use to the old you, old ways, old thoughts, old everything but you’re really not. See, the old you is not going down without a fight and you have to tap into your inner strength and keep in mind that your new life is for the better and fight for it.

My change included getting closer with Jehovah. When I started seeking him, I became aware of my shortcomings and began surrendering to his guidance (ongoing process).  I say ongoing because I am still working on this. Honestly, I don’t think that there is an ending to surrendering to his guidance because I need him.  Seeking him has cause me to activate Faith, Hope, and Love. I mean really really activate them.

Your change may not be like mine but if it is to help improve your life, I believe my husband words can still be applied to help you see that the process is not easy but it can be rewarding if you stick it out and make it through.

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7 Scriptures To Encourage You


Throughout moments in life, there are times when we need to “just breathe.” Sounds simple but yet when the time comes to do it, it’s difficult. It almost seem impossible. Why though? Not sure, but I know the moments when I am able to just breathe are serene.  I feel, act, and think better.  One of these moments includes spending time reading and soaking in scriptures from the bible. If I were to try to describe the moment, I would say that it feels like the room is filled with fresh, unpolluted air and breathing it in is good to my soul.   It’s amazing to realize what reading the bible does for me.  When I feel empty, I am to get replenish through encouragement from the word.

So, I decided to be intentional and put together a list of scriptures that I can look back over when I need a moment to experience a moment of serene and moment of encouragement.  I already know that this will be for a forever growing list.

Proverbs 3:5-6- Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do no depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

Psalms 16:1-Keep me safe, O God, for I have come to you for refuge.

Psalms 28:7-The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

Psalms 55:22-Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.

Psalms 143:8-Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you.

Isaiah 41:10- Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

1 Peter 5:7-Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

What scriptures do you go to for serene?

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Pleasant Distraction-Spa Night


This momma is ready for the 3 day weekend that is coming up.  Even though this is a short week, it feels long for some reason but I am glad to be starting the eve of my 3 day weekend off with self care. I wrote a while back about how taking time out for a spa day/night can help to reduce stress.  It’s interesting how stress can cause damage to the body.

What happens when we are driving our automobile and keep ignoring or putting off getting the oil change?  Without regular oil changes, the  motor can locked up and cause extensive damage. One of the responsibilities that comes with owning a car is maintenance.  Maintenance is necessary while having a car. It keeps the car running  at its highest level.

This can be applied to ourselves.  We get caught up in taking care of everyone and everything by giving giving giving or going going going and all of our energy and time is drain from us. We do not take time out to participate in maintenance for our body and mind.  Self care is maintenance.  We have stressful long days sometimes even weeks but we do not do anything about it.  It just keeps growing until it start attacking our bodies from the inside therefore causing health conditions.  We may even convince ourselves that we do not have time to self care but self care is like giving your body regular maintenance to keep it going at its highest level.  It is needed.  It is just as important as brushing your teeth.

No worries, you can help prevent the stress that comes with giving giving giving or going going going.  There are ways to tackle it and spa day/night is one of them.   Don’t wait until your body start giving you warnings signs. Be proactive and schedule a form of self care in your weekly routine.

Spa day/night can be inexpensive and effective. It is as simple as getting your favorite relaxing products and creating a peaceful and soothing space.  I love the zone I get in when I light my favorite candle, turn on relaxing music, put epsom salt  & lavender oil in my water, fav cup of deliciousness, get my fav body wash and lotion and just relax and get lost in the moment of doing and feeling nothing.

I don’t think about to do lists or what needs to be done. I get to participate in a pleasant distraction from everyday life without any guilt.  I love the way I feel after I have lost myself in spa night. I know my body loving me because I am giving it something it needs. Rest and relaxation. When I am finished, I feel calm, refresh and relax.

Added bonus is to place a couple drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow before bed. It helps you sleep.  What are some pleasant distractions of self care you participate in to reduce stress?

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Updated Deep Conditioning-How I added Moisture & Tamed My Hair

deep conditioing softening.PNG

Hello loves, this year is almost over. We only have about 50 plus days left before we are heading into 2017.  Time flies when you are not paying attention. Anyways, I always love getting my hand on a good deep conditioner that is not expensive. Would you believe if I told you that I found an Amazing moisturizing deep conditioning for around 8 bucks at a local beauty supply store? I did, I really did. I have been wanting to try this condition for a while but was putting it off because I was loving the conditioners that I had in rotation. But 4 mos post relaxer hit, and my hair was becoming hard to manage. Believe it or not, certain conditioners work better according to the stage your hair is in during your hair journey. The conditioners that I have been using weren’t cutting for my 4 mos post relaxer hair, and I was not feeling getting a relaxer just yet. I wanted to hold out a little while longer. So the hunt began for a new deep conditioner to try and one that would not break the bank. I was at local beauty supply store browsing at the deep conditioners and my eyes fell on Aunt Jackie “in control” and I was like, this may be a good time for me to try it and when I saw the price, I was sold.


Can I just say or write lol, this stuff is the bomb and my 4 mos post relaxer hair felt like butter after I washed it out.  I left it in for about 1 hour and 30 minutes before I washed it out.  I continue on with my regular routine after a deep conditioner including leave in conditioner and moisturized/sealing.  I was impressed but I waited on the final result, which was the next day because my hair will be fully dry. Well, the next day came and my hair was so soft and it stayed the soft and easy to manager the whole week. I am hooked. The smell is fine but I would like to add that it does contain silicones in it. That would be the only con that I found but I haven’t had any build up. Now, Let’s see if Aunt Jackie can get me to 6 mos post relaxer.

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Freeing Up My Time With My To Do List

to do list journal.PNG

Hey loves, it is near the end of the week already and this year is half way gone.  Where is the time going?  Fall is just around the corner and I am excited.  I always get happy about this season but that is for another post.  I have been thinking of ways to free up my morning and add more time for peace.  I love peace in the morning. It is relaxing.  It helps me start my day off on a good note.

I usually would get my cup of deliciousness (coffee or tea) and write out things for the day in the morning. It has been a part of my morning routine for a while so it may be good to change something in my routine. It reduces the possibility of getting comfortable, bored, or developing the feeling of just going through the motions.

Before I go further, I have to talked about how obsessed I am with stationery.  It seems like I can not go to a store without eyeing this section of the store.  Isn’t my list pad beautiful?  It is by Lady Jayne Ltd.  Okay, now  back to how I am freeing up some of my morning.  I started thinking about my evenings and decided that it may be a good idea to write  out my to do list in the evening or at night for the next day.  I always find extra moments during these times to do none productive things, so adding my to do list wouldn’t hurt.  I am going to try this for a couple weeks and see how it goes.  Who knows? This may work better for me or I may not like it at all but I will not know unless I give it a try.

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