Ready for a New Life? Embrace Change

Ready for a new life Embrace change

I have been hearing the saying lately “Your new life is going to cost you your old one” a lot.  I remember wanting a change for my life a couple of years ago. A change that included getting closer with Jehovah. This change has been going on every since. It has been a blessing but I have had to change the way I think and do things (ongoing process).

This has not been easy.  Just let me say this, old habits can be a headache to break, especially when you thought that you had it all figure out and thought you knew what was best.  Ha, I have to laugh at myself for thinking that.  The other day I was browsing on my husband’s blog and one of his posts described the process of your new life is going to cost you your old one.

It seems am going in circles to get to my path in life…Reasons unknown or maybe just to loose the unnecessary while gaining the necessary….
When I’m putting a puzzle together….I pick up pieces….Just to put down pieces…Am I confused or maybe it’s just to ge the right pieces to put the puzzle together correctly….
Yesterday I failed heavily…
Today I failed lightly…. Am I a failure or am I learning how to succeed for tomorrow
Freddie B

My interpretation of what my husband wrote includes understanding that you have to drop things or thinking processes from the old life and it is a journey because it will take some time to get it out of your system , so it feels like you going in circles but you’re really not, you are just loosing the unnecessary and gaining the necessary.  It seems like it is taking you forever to finished the puzzle but you are doing away with the old and tapping into the new by going through the pieces of puzzle.

Through it all, it seems like you are failing because you are so use to the old you, old ways, old thoughts, old everything but you’re really not. See, the old you is not going down without a fight and you have to tap into your inner strength and keep in mind that your new life is for the better and fight for it.

My change included getting closer with Jehovah. When I started seeking him, I became aware of my shortcomings and began surrendering to his guidance (ongoing process).  I say ongoing because I am still working on this. Honestly, I don’t think that there is an ending to surrendering to his guidance because I need him.  Seeking him has cause me to activate Faith, Hope, and Love. I mean really really activate them.

Your change may not be like mine but if it is to help improve your life, I believe my husband words can still be applied to help you see that the process is not easy but it can be rewarding if you stick it out and make it through.

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Family Fun When The Lights Are Out

Family Fun When The Lights Are Out

A couple of weeks ago we had some bad weather which cause our lights  (electricity) to go out.  We usually watch movies on that day.  Now this should have been an unpleasant moment since electronics are very popular in our household but it wasn’t.  It was a great and pleasant moment for our household.  So, instead of movie time.   Oh, yeah, electronics are not allowed during the movie time.  This was actually suggested by my kids but I wondered how they were going to be without electronics for the whole day without any warning or planning of it.  They did just fine.   We had an impromptu family game day.

We played a game with circle a world puzzle including who could finish the puzzles the fastest.   Also, we played Monopoly and Uno (my kids added so many extras to this game). Oh, there was another game they made up about memory with the Uno but I didn’t play.  I watched them play.  It was so much fun watching them trying to keep their body language from telling off on themselves when they got the bad card.   We had laughs on top of laughs throughout the whole day.

So, we lost lights (electricity) before the daylight hit that morning.  Instead of sitting and waiting for them to come back on, we got out the games.  We played games from that morning until the evening.  We finally got lights again around late that evening.  And we ended our day with Netflix. See, We still got our movie in too.

We do family activities together but the impromptu game day due to lack of electronics made me think about how comfortable we have become with technology in the home.   My kids have electronics and I stay on some sort of electronic especially since the start of this blog.  Who am I kidding? Even before this blog, I was on the internet for something.  I believe sometimes we get so comfortable with technology until we forget about all of the things that can be done without it.

Any activities that include good interactions with my family are always great to me.  As I explained in a previous post about movie time, this too was like a beautiful beat to my favorite song.


I didn’t win not one time but it was a fun day. I take that back, I did win.  I won the biggest prize.  I won a spot in my kids’ heart that will be there forever by participating in memory making moments that will last a life time and I still got to enjoy another beautiful beat to one of my favorite songs.

Like I mentioned in another post, my kids are growing up and I cherish every moment I can with them.  I know that I will not be able to get these times back. The most precious things in life cannot be bought.  I enjoy nice things but the most precious things to me are not things but are the times spent with my family.

Even though the weather wasn’t good and we were without lights (electricity) and our planned event was interrupted, we enjoyed ourselves, beautiful music played, and the sun came out and shine in the Barney’s household.

Impromptu times that make some wonderful memories.   Don’t you just love when that happens?  I would love feedback.

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Pineapple Orange Ginger Smoothie

Pineapple Orange Ginger Smoothie | When Juicing Meets Blending

Pineapple Orange Ginger Smoothie


What a great way to welcome in June with this delicious looking jar of healthiness.  I have been experimenting with juicing and blending  but blending (smoothies) almost always make the list of “I want one” in our household.  You know that phrase when the kids see something that look good to them and say, “I want one.”

My kids are not to fun of juicing  because the majority of my juices are made up of veggies with a fruit added to help with the taste. I guess they are not very tasty in their book but they still drink them though.  They are not on the “I want one” list.  I often alternate between juicing and blending but I love making mixtures with the combination of both ( juicing and blending) sometimes.  It seems like we are getting the benefits of both in one.  When I am doing a combination of both, I normally juiced a veggie to add but I wanted it to be delicious.  So, I decided to add a fruit(orange-because of the color that it is when it is juiced) and that is when this Pineapple Orange Ginger Smoothie was born.  The kids love it.

When the ingredient list is small, juicing and blending together is really simple and easy.

Honest moment: They will be able to get some benefits from all of the ingredients  but I didn’t add any green veggies because I didn’t want to change the summery (I don’t really know if that is a word lol) color. Isn’t the color beautiful?

Pineapple Orange Ginger Smoothie

Pineapple Orange Ginger Smoothie

  • Time: 10 mins
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 1 cup of frozen pineapples
  • 3/4-1 cup of juiced orange
  • 1 inch of juiced ginger root
  • 1 tbsp of maca powder
  • sprinkles of coconut flakes (optional)



First, I juiced the orange and ginger root. Next, I added the juiced mixture to the blender with the frozen pineapples & maca powder and blend until it is the consistency that I want. Pour in a jar or glass of choice.  Add sprinkles of coconut flakes if like and enjoy.

Cheers to the summer!!

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How I Deep Condition My Dry Hair

I have been on my hair care journey for about five years.  Throughout out a hair care journey, your hair may require different things. It is important to listen to your hair.

Due to having extremely dry hair, I have to deep condition my hair weekly.  I mentioned the process a while back in a post about hair regimen.  The products may change but the routine is mostly the same. I may prepoo sometimes or not depending on what my hair needs.

I am like 14-15 weeks post relaxer.  I will be doing the prepoo this month during my weekly conditioning.

1.  I do the prepoo of oil (I used extra virgin olive oil with a few drops of black jamaican castor oil) for about one hour.  I may use another oil depending on what my hair needs.

2.   Since my hair is extremely dry, I need to co wash before the deep condition process.  I wash my hair standing in the shower (this helps reduce tangling)

3.   I start on the deep conditioner process (depending on how my hair is feeling I may skip the co wash and just deep condition on dry hair but my hair needs the co wash this time). I add the conditioner mixed with a little oil to my hair by individual parts and twist them to help reduce tangles. My hands get heavy with this step.  I apply the conditioner as I would apply a relaxer for the first time (from root to end) and leave it on for at 2 hours.

The 2 hours pass by fast because I found myself occupied in blogging stuff, cleaning, netflixing, social media, or more blogging stuff. 

4.  After the 2 hours, I wash it out standing in the shower (this reduce tangling).  Let my hair air dry for about 60% and spritz a mixture of aloe vera juice/water. (leave in conditioner).  Depending on if I need a little protein, I will use Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner instead but the aloe vera mixture has been doing good.  

I finger comb my hair during this time.  Next, I let the air drying process complete.  

5.  The final step consists of moisturizing and sealing. I put some plaits in my hair and I am done.

Oh, but there is more.

There are a couple more of steps I do after the wash day on the next day.

I finger comb my hair and oil my scalp with the oil of my choice.  After I finger comb it, I use a wide tooth comb. I give my hair room to breathe by just letting it hang out for that day.

The most important thing that I have learned while caring for my hair is to listen to it.  It will let you know what it needs.  Products may change and the specific type of need may change also.  Happy Hair Journey

How do you deep condition your hair?

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Yay! It’s My One year Blogiversary

Happy One Year Blogiversary to

Happy One Year Blogiversary


This is a smoothie that I made about 50 weeks ago during the beginning of my blog journey.  I decided to showcase it for this moment.



So, I received this message on last week.  Yes, time has been flying.  First, I would like to thank everyone who has ever checked out my blog, commented, liked, or shared something from it.  I am very grateful for all of the support y’all have provided.  I hope y’all found some inspiring or encouraging words while visiting.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can -Arthur Ashe

The quote above really sums up my journey so far in blogging.  As I look over the progress I have made,  I am so glad that I took the leap.  I did not have a clue what I was doing when I started this blog on last year.  I am still clueless to some things but the more I do it, the more I learn and progress.  I am excited to see how this year go.   I have to give a great big ole Thank You to my husband because he believe that I could do this before I did.  He has been very supportive.   I thank God for him.

I started this blog to document my journey to a healthy and happy life and inspire others along the way.  I have been in a place in life that was not so good and seeing  inspiring/encouraging words helped me out tremendously.

Sometimes, life don’t go as planned but you do not have to be a victim of your circumstance.  You can still strive through it.  If you fall down, you can get back up.  You don’t have to lay there and let negative thoughts stomp all over you.  You deserved to be happy.  You deserved to have a happy life.

Journey to a healthy me is one year old!!!

Thanks again everyone for following along the journey!!!

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Blog Awards, Let’s get to know me a little more

I am so behind on this but I have been nominated for a few more awards and I am very grateful.  I am going to break up the awards nomination with a list of 4 or 5 nominees.  I was nominated by Hayley of Stubbornly Courageous for the Liebster award.  Since I have been nominated a few times for this award, I am going to provide the link here about some facts of me  so you can get to know me a little better.

Blog Awards! Let's Get To Know Me A Little More

I was nominated by Gina of Gina Stoneheart for another One Lovely Blog Award.  I was nominated by Leslie of Life In Every Limb for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers’ Award.  This is my first time for this one.  Since I already have two posts about some facts, here is a link about one of them.

I was nominated for another Very Inspiring Blogger’s Award by Victoria of Vickiewhat.

I was nominated by Angie of Not Another Tall Blog for the Premio Dardos Award.  It recognizes cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values in the form of creative and original writing.  This is my first time being nominated for this award.

Thank y’all so much for the nominations.  Everyone please check out their blogs.  You will not be disappointed.

The Premio Dardos Award


The nominees for the Premio Dardos award are:


The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ Award .


The nominees for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ Award are: 


 The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


The nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger’s Award are:

 One Lovely Blog Award

one lovely blog award

Here are the 5, I mean 6 nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award:

Here are the answers to Leslie of Life in Every Limb questions:

1. I chose the name of my blog by my goal of working on a healthy and happy life.

2.  When I was younger, way younger, I wrote a little poetry.  But for the past few years, I wrote a lot of papers for school.  It really has been fun writing now and not having to conduct tons of research using peer reviewed journals.

3.  I define blogging as a job and hobby.   Sometimes it feels like a job because I am an amateur to things like photos and graphics  and all of the other stuff that does not involve writing.  It gets a little frustrating but I have been making it through.  It feels like a hobby when I am writing down my words.  When I get in that zone, it is wonderful.

4. I don’t think that I have a favorite post.  All of them are dear to me.  Each one represents a time I have strived through and I hope they inspire others to strive through also.  I will add one here though,  2 Powerful Tools You Gained By Working On Your Goals

5. The one that I think is the most popular is Are you worrying? 2 Step Process to Stop because everyone may find themselves in the state of worrying.

6.  My first job was  working in the cotton field in my early teen years.  My sister, cousins, and I worked for one summer in the cotton field.  At first, my sister and I were not going to work out there but my parents wanted us to know about the importance of spending money and they felt that we would look at it different if we had to worked for it. They were right.  I learned how to spend some and save some.

7.   Yes, they (family) read it but it does not affect what I say or how I say it because  I mostly discussed things from my own personal experiences in a way to inspire or encourage others.

8.  Yes, I have made virtual friends through blogging.  I have met some wonderful and supportive individuals in the blog world.

9.  My dream job would involve helping others find the motivation or encouragement they need to succeed in life.

10.  To take care of myself, I incorporate healthy ways of eating and exercise into my lifestyle and my family life as well.  We enjoy others things such as desserts or favorite not so healthy meals in moderation.

Here are some more facts about me provided in these two links again- Liebster Award and Blog Awards.

This post is also about learning and getting to know others. Make sure to check out everyone on here.  Read a couple of their posts and get to know them a little more.

To accept any of the awards-

just acknowledge and thank the blog who nominated you,

display the banner or logo of the award on your blog

and spread love through nominating between 4 or 5 others.  🙂

Just added this -I received a couple nominations that didn’t require questions so I decided to not require questions for nominees to accept them.   I wanted to focus more on shining the light on others with nominations and not having additional requirements to accept it.  I feel that you have already put in the work on your blog to catch someone’s eye to be nominated.    You can pick what you want to tell about yourself in the introduction of accepting it.

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