Finding Joy In Everyday Life

Finding Joy In Everyday Life There is so much going in the world today. It is very imperative to take time out to find joy in everyday life. I’m just stopping by to share some things that gave me joy this month. I hope this encourages you to take a moment to stop and pause…… Continue reading Finding Joy In Everyday Life



Freeing Up My Time With My To Do List

Hey loves, it is near the end of the week already and this year is half way gone.  Where is the time going?  Fall is just around the corner and I am excited.  I always get happy about this season but that is for another post.  I have been thinking of ways to free up my…… Continue reading Freeing Up My Time With My To Do List


Need to Relax? Try Adult Coloring

Sometimes I find myself dazed off thinking about how fast my children are growing and thinking about the different activities they love to do.  If we stop and think, we will realized that we participated in a variety of stress reducing activities in our childhood.  One particular activity that comes to mind is coloring. Lately,…… Continue reading Need to Relax? Try Adult Coloring