13 Ways To Practice Self Care After Work

What happens when we are driving our automobile and keep ignoring or putting off getting the oil change?  Without regular oil changes, the motor can lock up and cause extensive damage. One of the responsibilities that come with owning a car is maintenance.  Maintenance is necessary while having a car. It keeps the car running…… Continue reading 13 Ways To Practice Self Care After Work

Dealing with Stress. Have you dance it out lately?

Hey Loves,  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  It’s the beginning of the week and I want to discuss one way to combat stress and how to take time to relax and wind down from a day of daily decision making, task completing, etc.  Have you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy? I have been a fan since day one and I love Meredith &…… Continue reading Dealing with Stress. Have you dance it out lately?

Sunday Night Session-Reflecting & Planning

Hey loves, how has your weekend been? Hopefully relaxing, fun, & somewhat peaceful.  Mine has been relaxing.  Time went back this weekend.  Did you enjoy your extra hour this morning? I think I did. I was ready able to get ready for church earlier than usual. I hated to see the weekend go. I would…… Continue reading Sunday Night Session-Reflecting & Planning

Unplugging (Rooftop & Chai Latte)

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you.” Anne Lamott This past weekend, I found a beautiful and relaxing view (Paramour) with my favorite cup of deliciousness and enjoyed the moment of unplugging with peace. I took time out to enjoy nature, birds’ chirping, the sound of the…… Continue reading Unplugging (Rooftop & Chai Latte)

Pink Drink, Date Day, Relaxing Sunday, etc

Hey loves, the weekend is almost over. I hope you have been enjoying yours?  My Sunday morning consisted of relaxing with InStyle and the “pink drink” from Starbucks.  I don’t know if you are aware of the buzz that has been going around about the “pink drink” from Starbucks but it has been a lot. I was putting…… Continue reading Pink Drink, Date Day, Relaxing Sunday, etc

Need to Relax? Try Adult Coloring

Sometimes I find myself dazed off thinking about how fast my children are growing and thinking about the different activities they love to do.  If we stop and think, we will realized that we participated in a variety of stress reducing activities in our childhood.  One particular activity that comes to mind is coloring. Lately,…… Continue reading Need to Relax? Try Adult Coloring